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List of canon heroes/villains


Ace McKnight (active)
Agent X (active)
Ajax I (deceased)
Ajax II (active)
Akarist (active)
AkashiKnight (deceased)
Alejandro J. Cantu (missing, presumed deceased)
Alistair McKnight (active)
Alistair Sutton (missing, presumed deceased)
Apex (active)
Arc Flash (active) Atlas (deceased)
Aurora Borealis (active)
Avatar (deceased)
Back Alley Brawler (active)
Bearer of Aegis (missing, presumed deceased)
Blast Furnace (active)
Blue Phazer (active)
Blue Steel (active)
Borea (active)
Branforth the Seer (missing, presumed deceased)
Brikhaus (active)
Captain Volcano (dead)
Captain Wilhelmina Marlena Dietrich
Cassiopeia (unknown, presumed deceased)
Castle (active)
Citadel (active)
Cacophony (active)
Crimson (active)
Crimson Fist (deceased)
Daedalus (deceased, active/ancient)
Darkvine (deceased)
Dauntless (deceased)
Desdemona (active)
Doc Delilah (retired)
Doc Quantum (active)
Dr. Advance (active)
Dr. Mnemonic (deceased)
Dream Doctor (missing)
El Toro (active)
Ether (active)
Father Gerard Henri (deceased)
Faultline I (deceased)
Faultline II (active)
Flambeaux (active)
Flower Knight (active)
Foreshadow (active)
Fusionette (active)
Gargoyle (deceased)
Galaxy Girl (deceased)
Gage (active)
Gauge Steel (deceased)
Gaussian (active)
Geoffrey Cartwright (deceased)
Golden Sphinx (active)
Green Justice (retired)
Grimm Fairy (active)
Hero 1 (Riktified)
Hero One (deceased)
Holo Man (active)
Horatio (retired)
Ill Wind (missing, presumed deceased)
Illustrated Woman (deceased)
Indigo (active)
Infernal (active)
Infernia (active)
Invisible Falcon (deceased)
Kadabra Kill (active)
Lady Jane (active)
Levantera (active)
Leoknight (active)
Lt. Sefu Tendaji (deceased)
Luminary I (retired)
Luminary II (active)
M1 (deceased)
Maiden Justice (deceased)
Malaise (Primal Earth) (active)
Manticore (active)
Mark IV (active)
Mindspider (active)
Mirror Spirit (active)
Miss Liberty (deceased)
Ms. Liberty (active)
Ms. Shock (active)
Mustang (deceased)
Mynx (active)
Mystic Maiden (missing, presumed dead)
Nimbus (deceased)
No Mind (active) Numina (active)
Overdrive (active)
Pizzazz (active)
Plum Blossom (missing, assumed dead)
Polar Shift (active)
Pontice Doub (deceased)
Positron (active)
Queen Comet (unknown)
Quill (active)
Rebecca Foss (active)
Red Tiger (retired)
Romulus (active)
Rose Star (active)
Rosethorn (active)
Salvo (active)
Scirocco I (deceased)
Scrapyard (deceased, active)
Serafina (active)
Serpent Drummer (active}
Shadowstar (active)
Shockstorm (active)
Sigil (active)
Sister Psyche (active)
Sister Solaris (deceased, active/ancient)
Spark Blade (active)
Sky Dragon (active)
Slate (active)
Stalwart (active)
Starlight (retired)
Statesman (active)
Star Strike (deceased)
Sunburst (deceased)
Swan (active)
Synapse (active}
Talos (deceased)
Talshak the Mystic (active)
Tarikoss the Vigilant (active)
The Dark Watcher (active)
The Dragon's Tail (active)
The Fist (deceased)
The Lady Grey (active)
The Monolith (deceased)
The Prestidigitator (missing, assumed dead)
The Ranger (active)
Theadora Marcone (active)
Tin Mage (missing, assumed dead)
Tommy Arcanus (deceased)
Tundra (active)
Valkyrie (active)
Vambrance (deceased)
Wayland (unknown)
War Witch (deceased, active)
Waylon McCrane (active)
Woodsman (deceased, active)
Zenflower (active)


Antimatter (active)
Atta (active)
Arakhn (active)
Arbiter Sands (active)
Archon Burkholder (active)
Baron Zoria (deceased, body usurped by spirit)
Barracuda (active)
Bat'Zul the Imprisoned (incarcerated)
Battle Maiden (active)
Bad Penny (active)
Baphomet (active)
Black Scorpion (active)
Black Swan (active)
Bobcat (active)
Bug Man (active)
Calystix the Shaper (active)
Captain Mako (active)
Chimera (deceased)
Chimera (Praetorian) (active)
Clamor (active)
Clockwork King (active)
Comrade (active)
Contemptress (active)
Cortex (active)
Countess Crey (active)
Crimson Revenant (active)
Dark Sabaoth (active)
Defiler (incarcerated)
Diabolique (active)
Dominatrix (active)
Dr. Aeon (active)
Dr. Anguish (incarcerated)
Dr. Brainstorm (active)
Dr. Eva Lone (active)
Dr. Vahzilok (active)
Dreck (active)
Emil Marcone (active)
Envoy of Shadows (active)
Eisensturm (deceased)
Frostfire (active)
Gamester (active)
Ghost Widow (deceased, active)
Giovanna Scaldi (deceased, active)
Glacia (active)
Grendel (incarcerated)
Guido Verandi (active)
Gyrfalcon (active)
Hamidon (active)
Harry Frost (deceased)
Hequat (active)
Hopkins (active)
Hyper Mike (incarcerated)
Ice Mistral (active)
Infernal_(Praetorian) (active)
Ishmael (incarcerated)
Jade Maiden (active)
Karsis (active)
King Midas (active)
King Mihenra (incarcerated)
Koago (active)
Lilitu (active)
Lord Nemesis (active)
Lord of Frosts (deceased)
Lord Recluse (active)
Madame of Mystery (incarcerated)
Magus Mu'Drakhan (active)
Maelstrom (active)
Maestro (active)
Malaise (Praetorian) (active)
Malocchio (incarcerated)
Manuel Marcone, (incarcerated)
Marauder (active)
Mechanus (incarcerated)
Misadventure (active)
Mother Mayhem (active)
Neuron (active)
Nightstar (active)
Nosferatu (active)
Professor Xaos (incarcerated)
Protean (deceased)
PsiCurse (deceased)
Pyrelord (active)
Red Threat (deceased)
Red Widow (deceased)
Regent Korol (active)
Reichsman (active)
Requiem (active)
Roger Vrabel (deceased)
Romulus Augustus (deceased, active/ancient)
Ruin (missing, assumed dead}
Rularuu (incarcerated, active)
Sardonic (active)
Sebastian Frost (active)
Schadenfreude (active)
Scirocco II (active)
Shadow Spider (active)
Shadowhunter (active)
Siege (active)
Silver Mantis (active)
Sister Airlia (deceased, active/ancient)
Slow Eye Lou (incarcerated)
Stheno (active)
Teal Serpent (deceased)
The Center (active)
The Weaver (deceased)
Thermonuke (incarcerated)
Tub Ci (active)
Tyrant (active)
Upstart (incarcerated)
Wretch (active)
Vandal (active)
Vanessa DeVore (active)
Viridian (active)

Unknown or Neutral

Agent Six (active)
Ashley McKnight (active)
Ghost Falcon (active)
Mender Lazarus (active)
Mender Silos (active)
Mender Tesseract (active)
The Pilgrim (active)
Twilight's Son (active)