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Ashley McKnight

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Ashley McKnight
Ashley McKnight.jpg
Midnight Squad Member
Zone Cap au Diable
Coordinates (728, -1630, 15.5)
Level Range 14-50
Introduces Dmitri Krylov
Golden Roller
Marshal Brass
Peter Themari
Willy Wheeler
Enemy Groups

Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns
Badge villain lost.png The Lost

Badge villain new rikti.png Rikti

Badge origins path.png Origin of Power

Badge midnightsquadmember.png Midnight Squad
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Ashley McKnight is a villain contact in the New Haven neighborhood of Cap au Diable at coordinates (728, -1630, 15.5). She can be found outside the University.

Ashley McKnight is open to all villains at level 14. She is closed off at 20 or after you finish the Origin of Power arc, then will open again at 30 for the remaining missions.


Contact Introduced By

New Contact(s)

There's a couple of people you might be interested in talking to.

I'd like to introduce you to Dr. Dmitri Krylov. He was a metahuman researcher in the Soviet Union before it collapsed. He came to the Rogue Isles in order to continue his work. Some of his connections can still get him Technology and Science Enhancements.

He's a brilliant researcher with flexible morals. All in all, a valuable contact.

You know man calls himself the Golden Roller? Smart, this one. Always looking for talent. Is high profile troubleshooter for a high-tech gang called the Goldbrickers. He might have some profitable jobs for you.

Oh yes—he doesn't like being seen in person, but you can find him in his car. You want Science, Technology Enhancements? He set you up.

Golden Roller is high-class operator. Dosvidanya!

Marshal Brass is the head of all Arachnos forces for Cap au Diable. He works directly under Dr. Aeon, and rumor has it, isn't too happy about that fact. He might have some work for a freelancer like you. He can get you all the Technology and Natural enhancements you need.

The Marshal is taciturn and gruff, and not known for much of a sense of humor. Considering that he has to spend most of his time cleaning up Dr. Aeon's messes, it's a wonder he's even that personable.

Have you met Peter Themari yet? Well, you should count yourself lucky. Themari's the nastiest old soul Cap au Diable has ever known; even being in his presence is a little sickening. Still, he knows a lot. He could give a boost to your career. And he can get his hands on Mutant and Magic Enhancements, if that's what you need.

You can learn a lot from Themari, so long as you don't make the mistake of trusting him.

This may be scraping the bottom of the barrel, but I know this guy named Willy 'Dealer' Wheeler. He likes to think of himself as a big time player, but he's really small time. Still, he's been getting some big leads as of late, and might be worth checking in to. Tell you the truth, I'd like to see the two of you working together. It might prove entertaining. Willy may be a joke, but at least he can get his hands on Mutant and Magic Enhancements.

If you can tolerate him, he might provide you with some good leads.


Midnight Squad Member

Ashley McKnight is a member of the Midnight Squad. She was initiated into the group on the same day that the Rikti invaded. She watched as many of her new members were killed as the Rikti assaulted the magical groups first and foremost. Ever since that day, she's been one of the more controversial members of the Midnight Squad, believing that the two events occurred at the same time for a reason. She sees it as her mission as a Midnighter to bring down the Rikti.

Prior to Introduction

I have something, but I don't think you can handle it. It's pretty far out there on the insanity scale. Come back when you're level 14 / 30 / 35.

Level depends on which storyarcs you have completed.

Contact Unlocked

Contact Small Ashley McKnight.jpg
Ashley McKnight

Ashley McKnight has contacted you...

Character, I need your help. I'm here in Cap au Diable. Please come see me as soon as you can. Thanks.

This contact has now been added to the active tab of your Contact window.

Initial Contact

When you were a kid, did your parents ever say to you, 'Hey, Character, you want to see something really scary?' Then they would go 'BOO' or some silly thing like that?

Well, my parents did that, too, only what they showed me was a Dark Void Beast they were keeping locked up in our basement. That was the day I got my first grey hair. I was eight.

You would think I would have been afraid, but I wasn't. I found the beast, and what he meant to the world around me, fascinating. Imagine, this simple little world we have with people and jobs and buildings and right in the middle of it is the creature from another realm who swallows light and speaks in quasi starbursts. My father told me it couldn't even perceive our presence or where it actually was. It was that alien. Amazing.

I've worked with my father and his group to unravel the secret world around us ever since.


  • Howdy
  • Hello.
  • Hi

Too Busy

You need to finish some of the things you already have on your plate, Character.

No More Missions

Our work here is done. You've been a great help to the Midnight Squad and I fully expect you'll find your future with us...interesting, to say the least.


Ashley does not sell Inspirations or Enhancements.

Story Arc(s)

The Origin of Power (14-50)

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 5 Reward Merits.

Note that if a character does not start this arc before level 20, Ashley McKnight becomes inactive for levels 20 through 29. The character may pick up this arc when she becomes active again at level 30.


The Origin of Power

You look at one of the ancient tablets that you 'forgot' to return to Ashley McKnight and are reminded of the events you've come to know as...

The Origin of Power

Ashley McKnight sent you all over Cap au Diable to talk to different villains. Each villain was from a different origin. You talked to Tarikoss about magic, Marshal Brass regarding his natural skill and training and the Golden Roller about technology. You even spoke with Dr. Shelly Percey about her experiments on humans and with Dr. Dmitri Krylov regarding the creation of the mutant origin during the late thirties.

All of this showed you the history of origins... of powers. However, it wasn't complete until the Circle of Thorns decided to try and corrupt that power that you got to take action. They had found an ancient cave filled with tablets. These tablets were said to hold the secrets of power and the Thorns were attempting to bend that power to their own end, taking it away from you.

Thankfully, you don't mind getting a little dirty. You went through that cave and made sure no one, not even Ashley McKnight, would be able to use those tablets to their advantage. No one except you, of course.

Talk to Tarikoss Originicon magic.png

The Origin of Power

You might not want to hear this, but there is more to your abilities than a simple twist of fate. You're connected to something bigger than you or I. It's the one thing that ties all of us together, not just in the Rogue Isles and Paragon City, but all of us, through all time. It's the Origin of Power. Where it comes from, how it changes and what it means to us now.

It's true, this is a history lesson of sorts, but it's also an instruction manual. This task is not full of combat and near death experience. So, if that's what you're after, perhaps it's best you go elsewhere and steal something or mug someone.

If you are interested, perhaps you'll learn something.

Mission Acceptance

Well done. I thought I saw more depth in those eyes than just a dumb thug. But, I digress.

So, your first lesson is to speak with a mystic here in Cap au Diable. His name is Tarikoss. He should be able to guide you through the ways of Magic.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Go and talk with Tarikoss regarding the origin of Magic. If he's willing, his talk should be very enlightening.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk to Tarikoss


You dare interrupt me? You are either bold or stupid. Which is it?

  • Stupid


Virgil Tarikoss is not a man who wastes time, or words. I doubt you got much out of him, even if you are of magic origin.

However, I hope what you did get was at least enlightening regarding his view of where magic comes from.

In the future, feel free to call me on my cell.

Talk to Dr. Shelly Percey Originicon science.png

The Origin of Power

Dr. Shelly Percey is known for her research and testing of meta humans. I would say she's an expert when it comes to the origin of science only because she's likely created a few herself.

She, above all else in Cap, could tell you about the science origin.

Mission Acceptance

Dr. Percey's research has caused her to work with many of the groups here in Cap, including Dr. Aeon himself. However, I don't believe the two of them are very close.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Go talk to Dr. Shelly Percey. She will explain to you about the origin of science.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk to Dr. Shelly Percey


Hello, Character. I have seen many things in my 'research' on the metahuman population. The one thing that I have noticed more than any other is the adaptive nature of the human body. Where other species would simply curl up and die after being bombarded by countless rays of radiation, the human body adapts and overcomes. It's really very beautiful.

  • Thanks


Dr. Shelly Percey is an interesting woman and by interesting I mean creepy. I hope she didn't invite you into her lab. She tried that with me once. I think she still has a scar from where I jabbed the syringe into her neck.

But I'm on a tangent... I'm glad you talked to her. I hope she gave you some useful information.

Talk to Marshal Brass Originicon natural.png

The Origin of Power

There's a guy here who is in charge of all Arachnos military operations in Cap au Diable. His name is Marshal Brass. He got to his place in the world with no powers or technology of any kind. He's a natural. I'd like you to talk to him about what sets him apart from other men.

Mission Acceptance

Marshal Brass is a man I have yet to figure out. He works for Arachnos, yet I believe he is a good man. My father would tell me I'm just partial to a man in a uniform, perhaps.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Please go talk to Marshal Brass about being a natural.

And if you happen to get his cell number I wouldn't turn it down.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk to Marshal Brass


Character, I do not know if this is the best time for me to be seen with you. Something is going on in this city and it's making everyone nervous.

Be quick about it. What intel do you seek?

  • Ask about being a villain without powers


What did you learn from Brass? Really? Huh, I would have expected him to be more forthcoming. I wonder if he's hiding something.

Talk to the Golden Roller Originicon technology.png

The Origin of Power

You should get a kick out of this one. I was trying to find a technology contact you could talk to and the only one I came up with was Golden Roller. I hear he's been linked to the Gold Brickers and Lord Midas as well.

You up for a little chat?

Mission Acceptance

Odds are he'll try and scam you, but just get in and get any information you can and get out.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Head over to Golden Roller and see what he has to say about the technology origin. I personally can't wait to hear what he's going to talk about.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk to the Golden Roller


My associates tell me you're investigating the origins. Interesting... There any money in it for me? Didn't think so.

Well, what can I do for you in the thirty seconds I'm giving you to waste my time?

  • Ask about technology


Like I said, the Golden Roller is an interesting character. I hope you learned something useful from him.

Talk to Dmitri Krylov Originicon mutation.png

The Origin of Power

You should really go talk to Dmitri Krylov. He's an expert in Mutants. Granted, I think he got that way from performing a number of experiments on them.

Mission Acceptance

Dmitri would know better than anyone else the history of Mutants. If you get the chance, ask him if he knows my father. That should give you a good laugh.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You really need to go talk to Dmitri. He knows a lot about Mutants.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk to Dmitri Krylov


Hello, Character. Mutants are not people born differently. They are simply... NOT human. This mutation, as the layman calls it, is not an old occurrence. My research shows no record of a mutant before 1938. Interesting, nyet?

  • Thanks


As I said, Dmitri knows a lot about mutants... What? He asked about my father? Not surprising, since my father chased him halfway across the globe a number of years ago. He never told me what it was about, but I can only guess it had to do with Dmitri's experiments.

Help stop what's going on with the Circle

The Origin of Power


So, I hoped we'd be able to avoid this, but it doesn't look like it. While you were off talking to the different people about their origins, the Circle of Thorns have gotten wind of what's going on. They're up to something and I'm going to need your help to stop it.

Mission Acceptance

They've unearthed some old relics and are beginning to ask the same questions we are regarding powers and their origin. Honestly, this scares the snot out of me because if these guys can get a handle on where powers come from and how to control them, then the world will be in a bad place.

Please, get in there and stop them. I know this isn't your sort of thing, but what they're doing affects all of us, hero or villain.

Unnecessary Solicitation

I still need you to get into that nearby cave and get those relics they've unearthed. Without those relics, they won't be able to rewrite how villains use their powers.


Mission Objective(s)

The Circle of Thorns are attempting to uncover the mysteries behind powers. If that happens there's no telling what they will do with that knowledge.

  • Stop Circle of Thorns
    • 10 Relics to find
    • Defeat Qelrend

You've found the relics Ashley mention and defeated Qelrend. Return to her for further instruction.


Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns

Notable NPCs

After completing the mission objectives you will earn the Origin of Power Badge:

File:Badge origins path.png Origin of Power

You gain a deeper understanding of the power and history of origins by talking to a represenative of each path.


Without those relics, the Circle will not be able to command the powers to their will.

The history books of the Midnighters talk of a time when one origin commanded all the power to themselves. That one origin reigned over all others commanded any who were without like slaves. It was really a dark day.

Thank you for taking the time to go over this history with me. I hope you found some useful information out of it.

Midnight's Hand (30-50)

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 9 Reward Merits.


As you look down at the Midnight Squad signet ring, you're reminded of the events you've come to know as...

Midnight's Hand

A woman by the name of Ashley McKnight asked if you wanted to become a member of a secret organization known as the Midnight Squad. You've heard of the group before, some sort of secret cult that dealt with arcane arts and other 'unexplained' events. This seemed up your alley, but the alley she took you down was much darker than you had expected.

You went up against the Circle of Thorns, retrieving four amulets known as The Amulets of Corax. You never learned what their purpose was, but you still feel the chill in your bones when you gazed into them - the sound of your own voice chanting the words:

...By the gods of the mountain...
...By the blood of man...
...By the power I am...
...Show what can not be seen...
...Reveal the Destiny I command...

What made things even stranger was that somehow the Rikti were involved with the Midnighters as well. Ashley believed they were trying to channel or divert magical energies to their own means. This led you back to the Circle of Thorns, who were now battling the Rikti over a mask called The Nymphus Visage. You stole the mask and when you looked through it you saw the cave around you transform into something ancient. The room was filled with heroes who had been turned to stone and a single raven looked down upon you squawking in laughter.

You gave the mask to Ashley and she welcomed you into the Midnighter Club, but now as you look down at the ring, you begin to question to sanity of it all.

Part One: Agree to help this strange woman


Hello, Character. Are you interested in helping out an organization that deals with the invisible world of the occult and arcane? A world that exists directly on top of this one with both the power and the desire to reach across the void and snuff us out like so many little wooden matches?

Before I can even begin to explain to you about our group or take your name to my keepers, I need a show of loyalty from you. I'm sure you're used to that type of thing - what with all the 'chosen one' rhetoric being thrown around these islands.

  • Agree to help this strange woman

Knowledge is the currency of the mind. Without it we are left broke and destitute along the path of life. You don't like being broke do you? That's likely why you took up this life of crime in the first place.

Well, my group needs a withdrawal from the bank of knowledge. We're willing to pay you handsomely for it as well. Currently, this bank is located in a Circle of Thorns occupied cave and is being guarded by four of their more powerful mages.

What we want is in the form of 4 amulets known as the amulets of Corax. Collect these amulets for us and bring them to me.

For your own safety, do not look upon or open the amulets in any way. I myself have never seen them, but legend speaks of men being turned to stone simply by looking upon it.

Unnecessary Solicitation

These amulets are from an ancient land known as Cimerora. It is our belief that the Origin of Power, what nomenclature refers to as a Super Being, started there. Collecting these amulets will allow us to determine the validity of this theory.

I'm sure the Circle of Thorns seek these amulets for a similar purpose. If I had to guess, they want to taint the origins to favor their path of magic, or bring back a path that has long since been lost. Either way, we can't let that happen.

Mission Objective(s)

Find the Amulets of Corax.
Be warned, nothing good can come from looking upon them.

  • Collect the amulets of Corax
    • 4 amulets remaining

You've collected the amulets of Corax from the Circle of Thorns. You should give them to Ashley before they take any more of a hold over you.


Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns
Badge villain new rikti.png Rikti

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

In almost every mob of Circle of Thorns, there will be a Boss, even when playing solo. They will generally be a Succubus or Death Mage, though Threat Level will determine this more. Players may wish to turn down Notoriety to lowest setting if they cannot take down bosses solo, in order to downgrade them into Lieutenants.

Icon clue generic.png
The Amulet of Corax (1 of 4)
Even though Ashley told you not to look upon the amulet, you do so anyway. Instantly you're lost in its gaze...

You feel yourself flying over a strange land on wings of black. In the distance across an ocean, a mountain of wisdom. The sea air fills your nostrils. You look down and see a strange, ancient land under attack. Before you can focus more, the darkness swells from the ground and snuffs out your life...

You snap out of your trance, not having moved from your location, the sea air still stinging your senses.

Icon clue generic.png
The Amulet of Corax (2 of 4)
Unafraid, you open the amulet and look inside...

A lock of deep red hair is tied to a small chain inside the locket. There's a small charm on the chain that looks either like a face or a shield or both. You look closer at the clasp and feel your senses being pulled into it.

Your eyes blur and you feel as if you're floating. All around you a single voice chanting...

...By the gods of the mountain... the blood of man... the power I am...
...Show what can not be seen...
...Reveal the destiny I command...

You realize as you pull yourself out of the trance, that it was your voice you heard saying those words.

Icon clue generic.png
The Amulet of Corax (3 of 4)
You see yourself within the reflective sheen of the amulet...

This is not the you of the here and now. It is you, in ancient armor fighting atop a mountain surrounded by ocean. A monster assaults you with great fury as women run away from the battle in terror. Before you can regain your focus, the monster's weapon cuts across your visor and all goes black.

You snap out of the trance with an odd sense of deja vu.

Icon clue generic.png
The Amulet of Corax (4 of 4)
You open the amulet and sand falls out of it. You watch it fall to the ground, swirling like tidal pools around your legs. The sand is dark, almost black. As it swirls, a face appears in the floating sand. For an instant you think it's just a trick of the light. But then the face scowls at you and explodes in a blast. It gets in your eyes and your nose and your mouth and you feel yourself suffocating. Rubbing your eyes, you try and look around, but find that you are someplace else.

An ancient cave with columns that push up to the darkness.

In the distance you feel more then see a man... no, not a man, something else, something worse, standing just inside a shadow. His eyes glow with an ancient hate.

As he looks upon you, you feel as if your body is turning to stone. You try and move, but cannot even breathe. You watch in horror as your body slowly decays into dust.

When you open your eyes again, you find all of the sand that poured out of the amulet has returned. Best to keep it there.


The amulets of Corax. With these we should be able to see into the past and discover the origin of power that still guides us today.

You seem agitated. Did you look into these amulets? I warned you against it. I hope you still have some of your sanity. There's plenty of work to be done and the last thing I need is you getting locked up in the nut house.

Part Two: Investigate Rikti


You did good on that last job, but now it's time for me to level with you. I'm with the Midnight Squad}. Our history is long and complex, but all you need to know is that we're going after the Rikti in a big way. We don't have the man power like the Vanguard, but with our knowledge, we don't need it. I'm personally investigating the Rikti and Lost connection. Are you up for lending me a hand? I know it's not your usual smash and grab, but something interesting might come up.

  • Investigate Rikti

I've gotten a coded message from one of my fellow Midnighters. The Rikti are up to something concerning the Lost and magic. This concerns us greatly. The Lost have always been the Rikti fan boys, but there's something more going on here.

I was told to send in my most disposable acolyte to gather whatever information they could find.

Honestly, that's you. But you did so well on that last mission, I'm not too worried about you getting killed by the Rikti. So, if you want to be a part of the Midnight Squad, consider this part of your initiation fee.

Unnecessary Solicitation

I still need you to track down what the Rikti are doing with the Lost. I've gotten as much information on my own as I can.

There's a Lost group holed up in a warehouse around here. Go there and 'collect' whatever information you can in whatever method you use to collect it.

Mission Objective(s)

The Rikti are using the Lost for some purpose. You have to determine what that is. Taking out Rikti is simply a side benefit.

  • Get information
    • 4 Pieces of Intelligence,
    • 6 Experiments
    • Defeat Il'relic

You've gathered as much information as is safe to get and defeated Il'relic in the process. You should return to Ashley for further instructions.


Badge villain new rikti.png Rikti
Badge villain lost.png The Lost

Notable NPCs

Icon clue generic.png
Il'relic's final words...
The Rikti you faced in the cave told you this before you defeated him...

The Rikti have known magic: Same as humans. Rikti found it... Lacking. Diversion of Power: Science and Technology.

Magic energy: No more...

Icon clue generic.png
Rikti Computer Data (1 of 3)
You pull out a handfulof crystals from inside the Rikti computer. Who knows, maybe this is what the Midnight Squad was looking for.
Icon clue generic.png
Rikti Computer Data (2 of 3)
You removed what can only be described as a glow net from the under carriage of the computer. There are half a dozen different sized crystals that seem to be growing out of the net.
Icon clue generic.png
Rikti Computer Data (3 of 3)
Reaching your hand into the translucent solution found inside this computer, you come out with a green sphere about the size of a softball. Streaks of electricity shoot around the sphere as it seems to constantly be vibrating.


I'm not sure if these crystals are exactly what we're looking for, but I'll hand them over to the Squad and see what they can make out of them.

What interests me more is the Lost being used in some sort of experiment performed by the Rikti. What were the Rikti doing to those Lost? I'll have to think about this some more.

Finale: Go after the Thorns and the Rikti

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

The specific names of used in the briefing and in the mission may vary from those shown here.


I just got word that the Rikti and the Circle of Thorns are fighting in one of the recently discovered ancient catacombs. The coded message I received says that the Rikti and the Thorns are looking for something. Well, the Midnight Squad wants it too.

You up for a little smash and grab?

  • Go after the Thorns and the Rikti

There are two powerful beings of magic and science fighting it out deep underground. Beni'Deslious is leading the charge {against?) the Circle of Thorns and someone or something known as Aeomcon is fighting back.

You're going to need to take out these two in order to get whatever it is they have found.

I've gotten confirmation from my keepers. If you complete this and get us whatever it is that they're fighting over, you will be made a member of the Midnight Squad.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You still have to take Aeomcon and Beni'Deslious out. You're going to have to bring back whatever it was that they were fighting over as well. Without that, there's no way you'll be brought into the fold of the Midnighters.

Mission Objective(s)

The Rikti and the Circle of Thorns are searching for something in these ancient caves. The Midnighters want whatever it is for themselves.

  • Get information
    • Defeat Aeomcon
    • Defeat Beni'Deslious

You've taken care of Aeomcon and Beni'Deslious and found the Nymphus Visage in the process. Return to Ashley McKnight for further instructions.


Badge villain new rikti.png Rikti
Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns

Notable NPCs

Icon clue generic.png
Nymphus Visage
As you defeat the last of the two enemies, this object drops from one of their hands. It looks like a mask, sculpted from gold. As you hold it up to your face and look through the eyes, you see the cavern you are in transform into a massive underground city. Ancient columns push up into the darkness and as you breathe in you smell the sea air. You look to a nearby rock and see a raven looking back at you. All around you are statues of heroes, caught in the midst of battle.


The Midnight Squad Badge is awarded upon completion of this mission.

File:Badge midnightsquadmember.png Midnight Squad

You have proven yourself a worthy ally to the secretive order of mystics, magicians and scholars known as the Midnight Squad. Because of this, they have granted you access to their exclusive Midnighter Club.


The Nymphus Visage... But I thought it was lost. Where did they get this from? Have you looked through it? Montague tells me that those who look through it see their own future. What did you see, Character?

With this mask you have proven yourself a worthy member of the Midnight Squad. You can now access the Midnighter Club. This door behind me is not the entrance to the club, but it will lead you there.


Level 35

This mission is unlocked once the player has completed Midnight's Hand storyarc and is at least level 35.

Meet Imperious


Have you ever heard of Cimerora, Character? Ever since Ouroboros started altering the timeline, one of our other Midnighters, a man by the name of Montague Castanella became aware of a gift he had. He can perceive the changes in a timeline, yet he is unaffected by them. This has made him aware of some other alterations throughout time. Because of this, I need you to meet someone. His name is Imperious.

He is not of this time or place, but the Midnighters feel that his need and the need of his people transcend both of those.

Mission Acceptance

To get to Cimerora, we're going to 'bypass' Ouroboros. We'd prefer them not to be involved in this particular mission.

We've procured an Aspect of the Pillar. This crystal has been attuned to take you to Cimerora and nowhere else. We've kept the crystal hidden within the Midnighter Club.

Icon clue generic.png
Cimerora Lore
Cimerora is an ancient land in the Mediterranean. Many believe it is the birthplace of the super powered being. Ashley McKnight notes that this is not altogether accurate. Cimerora is, however, one of the more famous locations in history where various origins of power came together in a similar way that is happening in our current timeline.

McKnight also notes that Imperious, the man you're supposed to contact, comes from an origin that has been completely absent for some time. That of the Incarnate.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You need to go into the Midnighter Club, enter the secret room and travel to Cimerora through the aspect of the crystal. Once you're there, you must meet up with Imperious. He will guide you on what to do from there.

Mission Objective(s)


Well met, traveler. I have met with members of your clan the Midnight Squad. You are a strange, but determined lot. When you first arrived here, I thought you were of Romulus' men, disguised in some eccentric garb. I have come to understand you Midnighters for what you really are, travelers from afar, come to aid me in my time of need.

From the look of you, I doubt you understand why you are here. But I assure you, Destined One, the Sybils tell me your path is tied to my own. If I do not return to power and that traitor Romulus remains upon my throne, your fate is doomed before it even begins. For now, our goals are shared.

Before you go, know this: valor and justice are traits I hold above all others. However... I am a man who is willing to do whatever it takes to reach my ends. This is something others from your time seem squeamish towards. Something tells me you will not have that problem.

Come then, let us paint the stones with the blood of our enemies!

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