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Omega Team Survivor
Zone Peregrine Island
Coordinates (1564, 0, -817)
Level Range 40-50
Introduced By None
Introduces None
Enemy Groups V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos
V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Ex-Midnighter
Badge villain rularru.png Soldiers of Rularuu
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ParagonMarket SignatureStoryArc1Ep5.png Requires Who Will Die, Episode 5.

Glacia is a hero contact in the Bayside Docks neighborhood of Peregrine Island at coordinates (1569.2, 0.0, -820.2). Her level range is 40-50. She is standing 75 yards northeast of the Ferry. Glacia is the fifth contact in the hero-side Who Will Die Signature Story Arc available on the Paragon Market or free with subscription.

Glacia was first encountered in Issue 10 as part of the Lady Grey Task Force. Glacia became a contact during Issue 21. She will provide her story arc to heroes, vigilantes and rogues.

Heroes and Villains may find her:


Contact Introduced By

None; Glacia is available through the Signature Story Arc Contact option.


Omega Team Survivor

Glacia and her twin sister Infernia spent years battling each other before the Rikti attacked. United for the first time, they fought side-by-side and together volunteered to join the Omega team. Like all members of the Omega team, their fate had been a mystery until they were rescued by Lady Grey and a team of super-powered individuals. Glacia is now back in the field, providing support for Back Alley Brawler and the Freedom Phalanx.

Content Not Purchased

You need to purchase the fifth episode of the first signature story arc, Who Will Die, or be a VIP in order to play Glacia's story arc.

Prior to Introduction

Missing Prior to Introduction Dialogue

Initial Contact

  • None


Missing At Least One Greeting Dialogue

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue

Story Arc

The Fate of All Men


Broadcast of Statesman's Death

News stations all over the world were broadcasting the news of Statesman's death the night after it happened. The Freedom Phalanx wanted to keep it a secret, but it seems someone leaked the information to the press. One of the gloomier newscasts called Statesman's death...

The Fate of All Men

The news reports that the man behind Statesman's death was Darrin Wade. They do not go into the details about how he died, never mentioning that you and Back Alley Brawler travelled to the Isles to look for Darrin Wade's lair. Nobody knows Wade's true plan, that Statesman was just a stepping stone towards his goal to summon and become Rularuu. None of them know that Darrin Wade now has the power of Statesman; such a thought might instill too much fear into the populace of Paragon, even though Statesman was not the spotlight hero that he used to be.

You may always remember that moment when you stood over Statesman's body. His face was smiling. It almost looked like he was simply playing dead, if not for his lifeless eyes staring past you. It seems that Statesman welcomed his death; perhaps he finally grasped the rest he was looking for after fighting crime for several decades.

You saw one newscast which had Glacia as a guest star. The reporter asked Glacia what the world was going to do now without a hero as powerful as Statesman to protect us from villains like Wade and Recluse. Glacia slammed her fist into the table and told the reporter that the world still has heroes, such as yourself, who will stand up against people like Darrin Wade. Statesman may be dead, but it is not the end of the world. It is a new beginning for the people to see that there are hundreds of heroes who can stand and protect them from the evils of the world.

The Fate of All Men


Character, I'm Glacia. I know you, and now you know me, if you didn't already. Let's cut to the chase. Back Alley Brawler asked me to help him track down Statesman and Darrin Wade.

He wants me to stay here in Paragon and provide support, while the two of you look for Wade's lair in the Isles. Now, I disagree with Brawler's idea that I'm not ready for field work, but this isn't the time to argue when Wade is on the loose.

If you're ready, I'll give you the rundown on the situation. Hopefully at the end of all this, we'll have Wade in the Zig and Statesman back where he belongs.

This arc contains elite bosses, which may be difficult to defeat by yourself.

Mission Acceptance

Excellent. I've done some investigating on my end and found out that Darrin Wade and the formerly living Malaise frequently met at a bar in Port Oakes, one of the islands in the Rogue Isles.

Back Alley Brawler is near the bar, waiting for you. This is supposed to be a quiet operation, you understand. We can't risk letting Wade know we're chasing him, and we can't waste time dealing with Arachnos. You'll need to search the bar to see if you can find any evidence of where Darrin Wade's hideout might be.

In the meantime, I'll be doing what I can to track down Statesman.

Investigate the Blackbeard Bar

Unnecessary Solicitation:

I'm not having any luck on my end here, Character. How about you?

Mission Objective(s)


You step into the bar to see Back Alley Brawler arguing with members of the Vindicators.

  • Investigate the Blackbeard Bar
    • Find Darrin Wade inside the tunnels beneath the bar
    • Get back upstairs
    • Defeat Captain Mako, Barracuda, Wretch, Silver Mantis, and Ice Mistral

You fought off Captain Mako and received information from Glacia on where to go next!


V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos
Badge villain rularru.png Soldiers of Rularuu

Notable NPCs:


Why, hello, Character. I assume you're here to arrest me, right? That's too bad for you.

After all of your experiences with super villains, you're able to tell that this isn't Darrin Wade. His posture is wrong and the image is slightly see-through.

Wade left you a decoy, most likely to buy himself some time. The tunnel behind the fake Wade is collapsed, meaning that he does not want you going that way.

  • (Call Glacia)

You call up Glacia and inform her of what you found, then ask for detailed plans on the tunnel system beneath Port Oakes.

Glacia informs you that she can get you that information in a few minutes.

The fake Wade continues talking, flinging various insults about your career as a hero and how useless/hopeless your efforts are.

  • (Leave)

As you leave, you get a SOS from Back Alley Brawler!

  • (Help Brawler!)

Icon clue generic.png
Port Oakes Tunnel System
You received a detailed map of the tunnel system located beneath Port Oakes. You look over the map to see where Blackbeard's tavern is located.

After a few minutes, you're able to figure out how to get into the tunnels that Darrin Wade seemed to be protecting; unfortunately, it will require you going into one of the older sewer networks in Port Oakes.

Access Darrin Wade's Lair

Unnecessary Solicitation

Let's hope you can find something in his lair about what he's planning. I've got nothing on my end. Ugh!

Mission Objective(s)


Port Oakes is normally not a dangerous place, but you can sense something wrong in these sewers.
You feel a weird energy flow through your body - the presence of Rularuu monsters!

  • Access Darrin Wade's Lair
    • Get inside Darrin Wade's Lair
    • Defeat Viridian, Mu'Drakhan, and Shadow Spider
    • 3 groups of Rularuu monsters to clear out of Darrin Wade's lair
    • 3 pieces of evidence to find in Darrin Wade's lair

You've discovered where Darrin Wade is and that he plans on killing Statesman!

Darrin Wade's Lair


Badge villain rularru.png Soldiers of Rularuu

Notable NPCs:

After entering Darrin Wade's lair from the sewers

Icon clue generic.png
The Secrets of Cimerora
You found a large pile of notes regarding Cimerora. It appears that these notes were taken over the span of ten years. You read them over, all of the information coming together to form an almost improbable conclusion.

It begins with a woman named Sister Airlia, who was able to enchant Imperious, the former ruler of Cimerora. He would listen to everything she would say.

Romulus Augustus, an enemy to Cimerora, had his armies driven back by what Wade calls 'time-travelling meddlers'. He made one last attempt to attack Cimerora, this time aided by monsters called the Talons of Vengeance. Wade makes a note, saying he's not sure why the Talons attacked Cimerora in the first place.

Romulus Augustus was defeated one final time by a time traveler. However, due to his powers, he could not be killed by normal means, much like Imperious. Sister Airlia, however, had a plan, one that she had been working on for many years.

Sister Airlia created a powerful ritual that could nullify the essences of Imperious and Romulus. The ritual would then use the built up power to kill the two. The ritual required the blood of Imperious to be empowered, although Darrin Wade makes a note here that it could be anyone's blood related to the 'target'.

Sister Airlia convinced Imperious that if Cimerora was to be safe from Romulus, Imperious would have to give up his life to keep Romulus in place for the ritual. Imperious accepted, and the ritual was performed at the top of the Sybil Temple. Imperious and Romulus were killed, ending the reign of Imperious and the terror of Romulus.

On the bottom of the last page is a comment by Wade, stating that he finally gathered all the components needed to match Airlia's ritual. You realize that if this is true, Darrin Wade has the power to kill Statesman!

Icon clue generic.png
Summoning Rularuu
You looked through the remains of Darrin Wade's library to find any sort of important information. You find multiple journals and read them over, looking for anything important. It's odd that Darrin Wade would leave such important items here. He must believe it's too late for his plan to be stopped, or he wants you to know what he's doing.

You see that over the past ten years, Darrin Wade has been working on a magic spell that would break the dimensional barrier between this world and the Shadow Shard, the dimension where Rularuu is imprisoned. Wade makes notes that this mission is pure suicide without proper preparation, as Rularuu will destroy all of existence if he is to be released.

Wade, however, decided to come up with a plan: to merge with Rularuu and take control of the creature by summoning small portions of him into this world. If he could take over Rularuu piece by piece, he could ascend and become something more than any super-powered individual. Darrin Wade's goal was... or rather, is, to become a new Rularuu! He makes note that once this happens, he can have full control over the world. No longer would he have to live in a world where all of the knowledge he has amounts to nothing against a dumb oaf who happened to be blessed with super strength.

The final page in his last journal details that he's gathered all the items needed to bring Rularuu into this world, a trio of artifacts called the 'items of power'. There is fresh writing at the bottom, as if Wade wrote the last part hours ago. It's written to you, with Wade saying that it's far too late to stop his plan, but that you're welcome to try. Wade says that today everything will come together and a new age will begin.

Icon clue generic.png
Luring our Statesman
You dig through another one of Wade's chests for any information. You find a letter, addressed to you.

'Dear Character, Did my trick in the tunnels fool you? Or did you try to butter up the Arbiters to get information about me? Oh, what about my journals? I hope you were able to piece together the research I did on Cimerora. It's very sloppy, but then again, I have been working on this for nearly a decade.

Anyway, today is when all of the pieces snap together. To be honest, I'm excited to see it happen. My hands are trembling slightly at the very thought.

Today, I will kill Statesman, and then, I will kill you. There is still more to my plan after this, and I can't risk having you living. The beautiful part will be taking both Statesman's powers and your own. I have the final obelisk belonging to that idiotic ghost, Alastor. It's tucked away, safe and sound; I won't be revealing that part of my plan.

I'm assuming you were held up by the numerous road blocks I put in your way. As we speak, Statesman is flying towards the modern day ruins of Cimerora. I've sprinkled information for him to find me there; after all, he has been looking for me for quite some time. He doesn't know a thing about the ritual though, which is why it'll be that much more exciting when I kill him.

Of course, the ritual won't work on you. Or anyone else, for that matter. The components are all destroyed once it's used, thanks to how poorly Sister Airlia formed the ritual. I'll just kill you with Statesman's powers, and if that doesn't suffice... well, there are plans.

I need to get going, my Rularuu guests have arrived. I'll look forward to killing you, Character.


Darrin Wade.

Icon clue generic.png
Darrin Wade's Plan
In Darrin Wade's lair, you discovered his plans to summon Rularuu into this world and take over the monster. Wade also plans on using an ancient Cimeroran ritual to kill Statesman. All of this seems to stem from his desire to become more powerful than anyone in this existence. You have to wonder what caused Wade to be like this. Was the idea of being normal in a world of super-powered beings too much for him to handle? Even with all his magical artifacts, Darrin Wade still felt that he was just a regular man.

The only questions that remain are how Darrin Wade intends to take over the mind of Rularuu, and what Statesman's powers have to do with this.

Confront Darrin Wade

Unnecessary Solicitation:

What?! Character, this is bad, you need to get there, NOW! I'm trying to scramble the rest of the Phalanx together, so just hang in there!

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

This mission unfolds in three stages. Entering the mission, find and defeat each ambassador - clearly identified as 'Rularuu Ambassador'. Defeat them and the Rularuu surrounding them to continue. Leaving the cavern brings you immediately to the cutscene of Darrin Wade and Statesman. Following that, confront Darrin Wade. He will fight with (as he says) some or all of the powers of Statesman, but will vanish after taking one quarter damage. After a brief pause, the Aspect of Ruladak is summoned by Wade and must be defeated. Only then can the player go to Statesman and end the mission and this arc.

Mission Objective(s)


Some sort of barrier prevents you from reaching the top of the temple. You'll need to destroy whatever Rularuu soldiers are forming the barrier!

  • Confront Darrin Wade
    • 3 Rularuu 'Ambassadors' to defeat in order to break Wade's seal on the temple
    • Find the entrance to the topside and defeat Darrin Wade!
    • Defeat the Aspect of Ruladak the Ravager!
    • Investigate Statesman's Remains

Statesman is dead, and Darrin Wade has vanished once more to continue his plot.


V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Ex-Midnighter
Badge villain rularru.png Soldiers of Rularuu

Notable NPCs:

Fate of All Men - Statesman Confronts Wade.jpg

Darrin Wade: It looks like... You're -really- taking your daughter's death hard, Statesman!

Statesman: There's nowhere left to run, Wade! You're going to pay for everything that you've done!

Darrin Wade: Oh? Are you going to kill me now, Statesman?
Darrin Wade: Avenge the death of your daughter once and for all?

Statesman: No, Wade. You're going to -rot- in prison, and I'm going to make sure you do so until the day you -die-.
Statesman: I don't kill.

Darrin Wade: That's too bad, because I -do-.

Fate of All Men - Wade Springs the Trap.jpg

Statesman: AAAAAAAAGH!!

Fate of All Men - Deadly Power.jpg

Darrin Wade: Do you have any last words, before you die?

Fate of All Men - At Wade's Mercy.jpg

Statesman: You'll never... succeed... Wade... villainy like yours... never... does...!

Darrin Wade: -That- was it? How trite. Goodbye, Statesman, I'll use your power well!

Fate of All Men - Statesman's Final Moments.jpg


Fate of All Men - Young Megan.jpg

Fate of All Men - Ms. Liberty.jpg

Fate of All Men - Stephan Richter.jpg

Fate of All Men - Lord Recluse.jpg

Fate of All Men - Maiden Justice.jpg

Fate of All Men - Transfer of Power.jpg

Darrin Wade: I can feel it, your power flowing through me! Finally...

Fate of All Men - Statesman Falls.jpg

Darrin Wade: After so many years of planning... Everything is nearly complete. Now, to tie up one last loose end before it's Psyche's turn...


Statesman lies on the ground, his body completely still, his lifeless eyes staring past you. You're not sure why, but despite the immense amount of pain he must have been in, Statesman died with a small smile on his face.

  • (Revive Statesman)

You do everything in your power to bring Statesman back, but nothing seems to work.

Statesman is dead and gone, his spirit beyond your reach.

  • (Close Statesman's Eyes and Leave)

You close Statesman's eyes and step away from him. Wherever he is now, hopefully he can finally find the peace that he never had in his life as a hero.

  • (Leave)


You tell Glacia everything that happened at the temple in Cimerora. She stutters for several moments before speaking.

I... I don't believe it. How could... how could Statesman have been killed by someone like...

He fought in the Rikti War, Character! He stood toe to toe with Lord Recluse countless times! He saved the world more times than I can remember!

And now he's... he's just gone. No farewells... no speeches. What are we supposed to do now, Character? I know Statesman was only one person, but he was a symbol, Character. And now that symbol is gone.

I'm sorry, I've seen so much death and suffering on the Rikti homeworld, especially when they captured Hero 1. Maybe I was just hoping that things would stay constant here, unlike our time fighting in that place. I shouldn't be afraid, though. You said you fought Darrin Wade to the point where he was forced to retreat, right?

I'll be fine... I'm starting to come around now. Things look bad, downright horrible, but we can get through this because we're all in this together, and because we have you. There's clearly one person left that Darrin Wade is terrified of, and that's you, Character. Statesman is gone, but... we can still get through all of this, as long as we stick together. I'm going to work with the Phalanx on what to do next. Someone will contact you when the time is right, if you don't find Wade on your own, that is.


During the Save captured psychics mission, Glacia will say just a few things, unlike her (perhaps) long-winded sister:

Omega Team

Glacia's goodbye letter.

Glacia and her twin sister Infernia spent years battling each other before the Rikti attacked. United for the first time, they fought side-by-side and volunteered for the Omega Team together. Like all members of the Omega team, their fate had been a mystery until now. Now they've returned to Earth, and they have some important news to tell.

On November 27, 2009, the Omega team time capsule was opened. Inside, among other artifacts, was the goodbye letter from Glacia:

I never liked my sister. That isn't a secret; we pretty much hated each other even before we went down our respective paths of magic. So when I say that hell would have to freeze over for us to put our differences aside, you will understand how grave a threat the Rikti are. Or, hopefully, were.
I can only assume that if this letter is being read that we were successful. So maybe the Rikti are a memory now; I can only hope. Looking from this vantage point, on the precipice of history, I don't really regret the feuding between my sister and me. It made us strong, and it made the message of us coming together against a common foe strong as well.
If this is all that remains of me after tomorrow, then I can live with that. I really can. If Infernia and I can come together as family, then anyone can and that is a comforting thought in these desperate times.


During the Lady Grey Task Force: Save Captured Psychics mission, she will use Ice Blast and Cold Domination powers:


IceBlast Bolt.png Ice Bolt Ranged, Minor Damage (Cold/Smashing) Foe -Recharge, -Speed
Ice Bolt quickly pelts an enemy with small icy daggers; their chill Slows a foe's attacks and movement for a time. Fast, but little damage.

IceBlast IceBlast.png Ice Blast Ranged, Moderate Damage (Cold/Smashing) Foe -Recharge, -Speed
Ice Blast hurls shards of ice at foes and Slows their attacks and movement for a time. Slower recharge than Ice Bolt, but more damage.

IceBlast FrostBreath.png Frost Breath Close (Cone), Moderate Damage over Time (Cold), Foe -Recharge, -Speed
Unleashes a cone of frosty breath that can Slow your opponents' movement and attacks. Very accurate and very deadly at medium range.

IceBlast FreezeRay.png Freeze Ray Ranged, Minor Damage (Cold) Foe Hold
Although this power deals very little damage, the Freeze Ray encases your foe in a block of ice, Holding him helpless in place for a while.

IceBlast IceStorm.png Ice Storm Ranged (Location Area of Effect), Minor Damage over Time (Cold/Lethal), Foe -Recharge, -Speed
Shred your foes with this Ice Storm. This power deals a lot of damage in a large area and can Slow all affected targets movement and attack speed.

IceBlast BitterFrostBlast.png Bitter Ice Blast Ranged, Superior Damage (Cold/Smashing) Foe -Recharge, -Speed, -Accuracy
A slower yet more powerful version of Ice Blast, Bitter Ice Blast deals much more damage and can also reduce your enemy's Accuracy. Like other Ice Blast powers, Bitter Ice Blast can Slow a target's movement and attack speed.

IceBlast BitterFreezeRay.png Bitter Freeze Ray Ranged, Moderate Damage (Cold), Foe Hold, -Recharge, -Speed
This power can Hold your opponent frozen solid in a block of ice. The victim can be attacked and will remain frozen and helpless. After the ice thaws, the victim emerges chilled and Slowed. Bitter Freeze Ray deals medium damage.

IceBlast Blizzard.png Blizzard Ranged (Location Area of Effect), Extreme Damage over Time (Cold), Foe -To Hit, -Speed, -Recharge, Knockback, Self -Recovery
The massive damage from the Blizzard can Slow the attack rate of all your opponents in a large area, reducing their chance to hit and possibly knocking them back. Activating this power leaves you drained of Endurance and unable to recover any Endurance for a while.

ColdDomination Frostwork.png Frostwork Target: +Max Health, +Resistance (Toxic)
Covers an ally in a thick layer of frost. The frost can absorb the impact from enemy attacks, effectively increasing your ally's maximum hit points for a short time. Frostwork also grants your ally resistance to toxic damage.

ColdDomination HeatLoss.png Heat Loss Ranged (Foe Area of Effect), Foe: -Resistance, -Endurance, Slow; Team +Endurance, +Recovery
Heat Loss drains the heat from your enemies and transfers that energy to your allies in the form of endurance. All foes near the selected target may experience a heat loss, which will drain their endurance, slow them, and reduce their damage resistance. Each enemy target that is successfully drained of heat will expel that energy to all your nearby allies, granting them endurance and a boost to their endurance recovery. Some endurance and recovery will also be transferred directly to you and any allies near you.

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