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Lilitu is a Circle of Thorns archvillain.
This diabless has existed enough years to have taken part in the war between Mu and Oranbega 14000 years ago, as she did. Today, she's acting as advisor for the Circle of Thorns regarding unfinished business that come from those dark days.
Lilitu is also the mother of the hero Infernal.

Villains can find her:


The She-Devil ruled some a plane of Hell before being called forth by the Circle of Thorns. The sorcerers struck a deal with her, and Lilitu has come to earth with her infernal hordes. It is said the price for her service is the death of 666 heroes - including her own son, Infernal.


During the Defeat and Capture Lilitu mission she will be having some words with her Circle of Thorns allies when found:

Before combat: Useless! Worthless! Pathetic and weak! Could you disgust me more?
Combat start: All of you pathetic mortals are bugs before me! I will kill every last one of you!
At 75% Life: You've injured my beautiful body. I'll remove your bones for that.
At 50% Life: If that leaves a scar, I will visit such horrors on you as this world has never before witnessed.
At 25% Life: Useless! Worthless! Pathetic mortal creature!
Defeated: How dare you? HOW DARE YOU!

During the Trap Lilitu's soul mission, she has been summoned again by the Circle:

Before Combat: "Do not toy with me, weaklings. Tell me my purpose here!"
Combat Start: "Die!"

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  • The Sumerian name of Lilith is Lilitu. [1] Lilith is sometimes thought to be the mother of all incubi and succubi. [2]