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Doc Delilah

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This article is about contact. For the developer, C. Bales, see Doc Delilah (Developer).


Doc Delilah
Doc Delilah.jpg
Hero Historian
Zone Faultline
Coordinates (230, -180, 1042)
Level Range 20-24
Introduced By Jim Temblor
Penelope Yin
Introduces Agent G
Enemy Groups Badge villain skyraiders.png Sky Raiders
V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos
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Doc Delilah is a hero contact in Faultline at coordinates (230, -180, 1042). Doc Delilah is a Magic origin contact. Her level range is 20-24.


Contact Introduced By

Note: When you finish Penelope Yin's arc, she will introduce you to Doc Delilah regardless of your level. If you do not do either Temblor's or Yin's arcs, however, you can talk to Jim Temblor between Levels 21-24 to get introduced to Doc Delilah.

Contact Introduces

I just talked to Agent G. He says he'd like to see you. He says it's about what we discovered, and about Arachnos.

Agent G works for Longbow. I've heard tell that he's some sort of espionage agent, though I must confess that I don't know much more than that. He and I did speak a good deal about the history of the area when he first showed up, and I think it's because he just might have suspected something was wrong with the Faultline Incident, too. Well, he's been tracking Arachnos activity since he got here, and after this last run-in with Arbiter Sands, he asked me if he could talk to you.

Agent G already seems to know a lot about you. And if he's just half as impressed as I am, then I'd wager that what he needs your help for is something major.


Hero Historian

Doctor Delilah Stein was born with herculean strength and incredible physical resistance. She fought evil as a heroine for a time, but eventually found her real calling: History and archeology. Now she combines her past life and her education into a new career as a chronicler of meta-human history, and an archaeologist of the unusual. Dr. Stein recently began investigating the lost hero bases in Overbrook, looking for clues to fill in the history of pre-Rikti War heroes and villains.

Prior to Introduction

Well, how are you doing, Character? I heard you were in the area and it is quite good to see you. If you'll excuse me, I'm kinda busy right now, so why don't ya come back later? If you're looking for people to help, maybe you should talk to that Jim Temblor fellow, or Miss Penelope Yin.

Initial Contact

Well, hello there, Character! Glad to see you made it out of that dust-up, too. I told Penelope I wanted to talk to you for a reason. Now, little Miss Yin told me all about what you've done for her and her Daddy, and I already knew that you were helping out Jim Temblor, that poor boy, so I know your heart's in the right place. I'm also guessing you just might have noticed that there's some awfully peculiar events going on around here. I came to Faultline to investigate the meta-human history of the area, but I've begun to think that we've gotten some of that history terribly wrong...


Missing At Least One Greeting Dialogue

Too Busy

Now just wait a second there, Character. Just how many things do you have going on? Finish some of it up and then come on back when you're ready.

Not High Enough Level

I'm sorry, kiddo, but you'll need to be at least security level 20 before you can handle what I have for you.

Outlevelled Contact

I know a great deal about meta-human history, Character, and I know that someone with your power needs to concentrate on bigger troubles than what I have.

No More Missions

The truth about poor Mr. Temblor was sad, but we can't stay in a deep blue funk the rest of our lives, now can we? Well now, if you'll excuse a lady, I reckon I have to write an award-winning paper or three out of all this, and set the record straight. Keep safe, now, Character!


Missing Store Unlock Dialogue

  • Inspirations (all)
  • Level 20 Natural/Magic Dual Origin Enhancements (200% base costs)
  • Level 25 Natural/Magic Dual Origin Enhancements (200% base costs)

Missing Store Unlock Dialogue

  • Level 25 Magic Single Origin Enhancements (150% base costs)

Story Arc

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 6 Reward Merits.

The Buried Past (20-24)


The Real Faultline - by Dr. D. Stein

This book was written by Doctor Delilah Stein, the Heroine Historian, and published recently to much talk in the media. Since you're listed as one of her co-authors, you got several free copies, all signed by Doc Delilah. The book tells the true and sad story of a hero who was destroyed in the cruelest way possible, and of how his real history finally came to light. It's the story of a hero named Faultline, and what really happened to him in

The Buried Past

Your involvement in all of this, for which you're thanked in the forward and throughout the text, all began when Penelope Yin told you that Doctor Delilah Stein wanted to see you. You'd met Doc Delilah earlier, when you helped her out of a jam, and now the hero historian wanted your help again. Doc Delilah had a new theory about what really happened during the Faultline Incident that could answer some of the many questions surrounding that dark day, and she needed to find some more evidence to confirm it. Unfortunately, the Sky Raiders had figured out that wherever she went, there might be plunder, and were now in control of a site she needed to investigate. You entered the place, got past the Sky Raiders, and recovered the body of AkashiKnight, one of the heroes who was there when Faultline destroyed Overbrook. From his personal effects, you learned where his old place of work was, and that you might be able to find a clue to the location of his base there.

However, when you went to AkashiKnight's old office you found an unpleasant surprise: Arachnos troops were already there, and their leader was none other than Arbiter Sands. Though Sands had fought beside you before, this time he wasn't feeling friendly, and tried to kill you. He teleported to safety before you could capture him, but you were able to find the desk AkashiKnight used in his old secret identity as Leonard P. Conway. There, you found the clues you'd need to find his base.

The Sky Raiders had been watching like hawks the whole time, and now that you knew where AkashiKnight's old base was they struck, determined to breach the site and plunder the base. Even Doc Delilah's patience had worn out, and she joined you in the battle to stop the Sky Raiders. You fought through their ranks and battled the leader of the Sky Raiders' Faultline Operation, the dashing Captain Castillo, who apparently had quite an unrequited attraction to Dr. Stein. Though he escaped capture, you did finally recover what you needed: An undamaged surveillance record of the Faultline Incident.

The tape's contents were shocking. A villain named PsiCurse had built a device he called the PsychoChronoMetron, a device that allowed a psychic to edit history. He used that device against the hero Faultline, instantly changing his life and turning him into a villain. But PsiCurse had not known enough about Faultline, so he made mistakes in his changes. Mistakes that caused Faultline to lose control, and caused the destruction of Overbrook, transforming it into the zone that bears his name today. You took all of this to Jim Temblor, who asked you one thing: if the PsychoChronoMetron still existed, to destroy it.

Doc Delilah's book has been a big seller, and with all of the facts she was able to locate that illustrated the conflicts in Faultline's history after PsiCurse's tampering, it may finally help to redeem his name. Of course, there's also a new hero you've heard about going by the name 'Faultline,' who's already doing just that. Even if the forces of evil find a way to change history, they'll never be able to take away the future.

Help Doc Delilah uncover the truth


Now, I believe that the story we all know about the Faultline Incident has some holes in it, but I need evidence to prove it. That evidence has been scattered in caves and the ruins of old bases all around the zone back when the Faultline Incident happened, and I've been out here working to find just what I need. I'm pretty close to understanding what happened, but in order to put it all together, I need to find a better recording of the final battle with Faultline. I heard about the recording you found for Jimmy Temblor, but that's still incomplete. However, I may be able to find a better recording, with a bit of help. You see, because the forces of law and order haven't been able to patrol the area until recently, all sorts of villains have been scouring through my dig sites looking for valuables to scavenge and steal. That's why I need someone like you to help me.

I just knew you'd be willing to help! Now, here's my problem: I recently found out that one of the heroes who was at ground zero during the Faultline Incident just may have been recording what happened, and sent a record of it to his supergroup's old base. The poor man died in the event, but that recording just might still exist. As a hero, his name was AkashiKnight, and I think I've found where his body came to rest. But those Sky Raiders have figured out that wherever I try to excavate is also a good place for them to plunder, and now they've swooped down on the site. All I really need you to do is recover AkashiKnight's body, but if you wanted to teach those Sky Raiders some manners, I would not be put out by it.

Mission Objective(s)

A lot of things probably fell into these old caves when Faultline destroyed Overbrook.

  • Recover AkashiKnight's body
    • Find AkashiKnight's body

You recovered the body of AkashiKnight.

Icon clue generic.png
An old wallet
This old wallet once belonged to the late hero AkashiKnight. He was supposed to be a techno-mystical warrior gifted with supreme knowledge through a mixture of ancient wisdom and modern science, but even he didn't see the Faultline Event coming. His wallet contains some useful information, including his personal ID, a driver's license identifying him as Leonard P. Conway, several business cards that reveal his place of work, and a reminder written to himself on a sticky-note that he left his magnetic key for the team base at work.

Notable NPCs


Badge villain skyraiders.png Sky Raiders


I hope those Sky Raiders weren't too much trouble for you. Their leader in the area is a contemptuous fellow named Captain Castillo. He thinks he's some kind of suave air pirate. Would you believe that he tried to put 'the moves' on me? As if I would ever consider that! I know his type. I folded his jet-pack in a knot and told him never to bother me again, but I doubt even that's going to stop the Sky Raiders.

Oh, now look at me. I'm sorry for venting like that, but all of their heedless plundering is destroying a lot of history. Anyway, let's get back to work. I want to take a look at that body.

Poor AkashiKnight. His body is so well preserved, it's like he was mummified. I researched him a good deal. He really didn't deserve to end up like this, but at least he'll help us learn the truth. Confidentially, I think he would have wanted that. Now, the next step is to get the keys he mentioned from his old place of work. That building's still intact, so this shouldn't be to hard, right?

I know you will prove more than capable. I must say, I am impressed already with what you've done.

Recover info from AkashiKnight's office


I've had AkashiKnight's body sent to the university, and we've got ourselves a pretty good idea of where he used to work. From the reminder he wrote himself, we can most likely find not only where his base was, but also a way in. I really wish I could go, but if I do those Sky Raiders will be there like flies on sugar, contaminating my site. So, I must ask you to go to AkashiKnight's old office and find his desk. Who knows what might be living in those ruins these days. I'd be ready for something dangerous, if I were you.

I can't go with you, but I'll still try to help by going to another site to distract the Sky Raiders. But do be careful, there may be other trouble at the sight. Like I said, be ready for anything.

His name was Leonard P. Conway. AkashiKnight, I mean. Time and again I keep seeing things like this, otherwise normal people who give their all to make a difference. Even when they meet sad ends, it still gives me a lot of faith in people.

Oh, I nearly forgot! There's a Longbow officer up in the dam who wants to talk with you. He's called Agent G. I talked to him some when he first showed up, and he seems nice enough sort, if a bit terse. Well, after you investigate that office, how about you head on up to the Dam and see what's on his mind?

Investigate office

Mission Objective(s)

Leonard P. Conway, aka AkashiKnight, once worked here. It kind of makes you reflect on your own life as a hero.

  • Investigate office
    • Find AkashiKnight's desk, Defeat enemy leader

You found the cache, and drove off Arachnos!

Icon clue generic.png
AkashiKnight's hidden cache
Leonard P. Conway had modified his desk to hide a hidden cache. It was still intact, an unintentional time capsule of his life as a hero right before he died. The key to his supergroup's base was there, but there was much more, too. There's a spare costume, a case book, and a date planner with which identity he had to be in and when. There's a spare copy of his city ID card, notes on his latest cases, and a hero gear catalog from the year Overbrook was destroyed. It's sobering to think that all of this is what remains of his double life.
Icon clue generic.png
Arbiter Sands' to-do list
Arbiter Sands is back, and this time it clearly isn't to fight alongside you to get his revenge. He dropped this list of things to do:

'To Do:
Investigate ruin. PCM confirmation?
Confront Nocturne about trying to kill me. (bring: back-up, flowers, nice card)
Order someone to get flowers, nice card.
Have hero who helped me assassinated (no loose ends)
Request back-up for Sky Raider problem. (swallow pride)
Organize next excavation expedition (Must find PCM)'

Notable NPCs


V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos

Take Arachnos evidence to Agent G

Mission Objective(s)

  • Take Arachnos evidence to Agent G


Greetings. You can call me Agent G. I'm glad you brought this to me. It puts a name on our opponent: Arbiter Sands. We've been trying to find out why Arachnos is here, and what they're planning. Right now, allthat we know for certain is that they're having trouble with the Sky Raiders. It's slowed them down, but it's also made them tighten security, making it harder for us to find out what they're really up to. Hm. PCM? I wonder...

I'd suggest you keep working with Dr. Stein for the moment. She's trustworthy. She's also onto something I've suspected for some time. I may ask for your assistance later. If so, I'll send a message to your through her.

Thank you for your assistance.


Arachnos is mixed up in this? Well now, I should have known! I am so glad you spoke with that Agent G fellow. He's a good man, for a government type.

So this is AkashiKnight's cache? Let me see it. All of these things hidden in his desk. An entire hero's life and this is all that's left. Oh, well let's not get too gloomy. Leonard P. Conway did a lot of good in his life,and now this may help to save many other lives. And if I'm right, clear someone's name as well. We'll just have to get the proof before the Sky Raiders or Arachnos do.

This is all getting downright crazy, but it's not over yet. I am just greatly relieved that I have someone as dependable as you to help me.

Uncover the truth


I've put together all the clues you've recovered, and I do believe that I've found the location of AkashiKnight's old base! However, I'm afraid we're not the only ones. They Sky Raiders have figured out that there's something important in that building, and they're already on the way there. Hidden in that office building is the truth behind the Faultline Incident, but all those Sky Raiders see is a hidden base to plunder. You have got to stop them. I hope you are ready for this. A prize like an unplundered base might be enough to bring out one of their leaders.

What we're looking for is the recordings of the Faultline Incident that were transmitted to the old base here. According to the schematics, the base had enough power generators and battery storage to keep things running late into the next century. The Sky Raiders will probably already be on scene, so I've gone ahead and charted a boat so we can slip in without too much of a ruckus. And yes, I did say 'We.' I'm going, too. I feel a need for some field work, and if that Captain Castillo is there, I'd like a chance to show him what I think of him with a bit of jet-pack origami. I'll meet you there when you're ready.

AkashiKnight's old base
Find the recording

Mission Objective(s)

Doc Delilah is already on shore before the boat's even stopped. Hope she didn't get herself into too much trouble.

  • Find the recording
    • Find Doc Delilah, Defeat Captain Castillo

You found the tape after defeating Castillo!

Notable NPCs


Badge villain skyraiders.png Sky Raiders

Icon clue generic.png
The Faultline Incident
You've seen how this video ends before, but Doc Delilah skips straight to the missing beginning.

It's the same scene, only with sound this time. You recognize AkashiKnight there, and Delilah points out that the other villain with the strange widget is PsiCurse, a psychic gadgeteer. PsiCurse is holding up the device and cackling, Faultline looks like he's in agony, and everyone looks confused.

'Confused?' PsiCurse laughs. 'You tiny minds can barely comprehend the power of my PsychoChronoMetron!'

'What's wrong?' shouts AkashiKnight. 'You fiend, what did you do?'

'My PsychoChronoMetron allows me to turn psionic energy into temporal energy. I can use my mind to alter history itself, as I have just done! And now, he who was once Faultline, my greatest foe, is now Faultline, my staunchest ally!'

Faultline clambers to his feet, stunned as a young Jim Temblor runs out from behind Blue Shield to grab his father's leg.

'What... What's going on?' gasps Faultline.

'Now, Faultline, my new ally, use your Earthquake machines!' PsiCurse shouts. 'Destroy this base while we escape to begin your new life of crime!'

'Earthquake machines? What are you talking about?' Faultline's face contorts with pain. 'What did you do? The feedback! I can't control it!'

The rest of the tape plays out as you've seen before. Doc Delilah shuts it off and looks at you in stunned silence as the mind-shattering revelation of what you've just seen sinks in.

Show Temblor the Truth

Mission Objective(s)

  • Show Temblor the Truth


Hey, Character. You're lucky you caught me. Fusionette and I were gonna go and visit Blue Steel later. She talked me into getting my ID card. I can't be afraid of myself forever, you know? What's this? The full recording! I'm not sure I really want to see it, but... No. I need to.

I remember PsiCurse. Never knew why Dad worked with him.

Oh, my... No...

This... This is...

I, I can't... Please, shut it off. I can't stand to... I knew it was all wrong, but this. THIS!

Oh, Dad, what did he do to you!

I, I need to... Character. Promise me. Promise me this: If that thing, that Psycho-thing, if it's still out there. Destroy it. You've got to destroy it!

Thank you. I needed to see that, needed to know. I'm still going to see Blue Steel tonight. Now, more than every. Thank you, Character. Thank you.


I had always entertained a suspicion that something was wrong with the whole story the Faultline Incident. Like why William Temblor was helping Heroes like AkashiKnight and Blue Steel, even while they were fighting against him and his old partner PsiCurse. I had thought it might have been a multiple personality disorder, created by PsiCurse of course, but I hadn't entertained any notion of, well, of this. I suppose it makes a kind of sense, though. PsiCurse knew the changes he wanted to make, but he didn't know much at all about the details of Faultline's life such as the source of Mr. Temblor's powers, or his secret identity, or even about his son. So you see, he didn't know to change all of that, too.

It's going to be difficult to set the record straight on this, but you can just leave all that to me. I think you are going to have your hands full, very soon.