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Mystic Maiden

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Mystic Maiden was a member of the Omega Team.

Time Capsule

On 27th November 2009, the Omega Team time capsule was opened. Inside was Mystic Maiden's final letter.

Balloon.png To my Dearest Darryl,

We've never been a close couple, I know that. We both know that. We've always given each other plenty of space in our lives. When I married you I did it because I knew you would be a good, strong man for me. You'd be secure enough in who you were to not need a doting housewife. You'd let me be me and I in turn saw no reason to 'change' you like so many other women tend to do. Our marriage was an elegant arrangement between two adults with lives, jobs and ambitions that couldn't be held back by antiquated notions of devotion, duty and loyalty. I don't think any of this comes as a shock to you. We both knew this going into it and I think we've both enjoyed the past five years of this marriage together.

But still, I'm embarrassed to admit that the things I need to say to you - have needed to say to you for years, I have to say in this letter. I'm as much to blame for this as anyone. I left you that note yesterday saying I was going to be away on 'business' for the next couple of days... how many times over the years have I used that excuse? Now, I realize I won't be back in a couple days. In fact, I won't ever be back. I wish I had time to tell you in person. I wish I had time to sit you down and explain all of this to you, but I don't. It'll be seven years before you know the truth about where I went, who I was and why I did what I did, but you deserve to know the truth.

You've known me as Mrs. Hannah Dyer, but the world knows me as Mystic Maiden. I don't know if you ever deduced this yourself, but you have acted so blissfully ignorant to this point I can only assume I have kept my identity secret even to you.

I am sorry for leaving you the way I did, but Hero 1 has a plan to end this insane war against the Rikti aliens, and he personally asked for my help. He laid out the plan and it looks like it will work, but it also looks like we won't survive its success.

The fact that this mission is a one-way trip made my decision even harder. I am still trying to come to terms with the fact that I will never see you again. The fact remains that if this seven year old letter is the only way you discovered where I really disappeared to, you probably would never want to see me again anyway.

It might surprise you to hear this, but I've been rethinking what's important in life. I had started to plan out a life... for both of us - together. After we'd stopped the Rikti, I was going to retire being a hero just to be with you, I think I might want a child. I think I might want us to become a family. Now, with the speed at which we are losing to the Rikti, I don't see a future where that can even happen, so instead I am going to make sure that the world can survive, even if I do not.

With my ever growing love and admiration,

Hannah Dyer
"Mystic Maiden"