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Lt. Sefu Tendaji

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Lt. Sefu Tendaji


Lt. Sefu Tendaji is a Longbow Hero and possesses most of the same powers as the Ballistae.

When found in the Rescue captured Longbow soldiers mission, he will be fighting Rikti and will need to be assisted and freed from his alien captors. He will join you for the rest of the mission as an ally. Once you free him, a wave of Rikti will attack him. Being a mission objective, you need to free him, but not to escort him or even keep him alive during the whole mission.

At the mission Clear Rikti from Dam, he will be fighting the Rikti raid on Overbrook dam, and will need your help. Once he's free, he'll join you. Freeing him is one of the mission's objectives.

During the mission Investigate Renegade Safe House he can be found talking to some renegade Vanguard soldiers. As soon as you have dispatched those, Sefu will join you as an Ally during the rest of the mission. He does not need to be escorted or protected.

Finally, at the mission Capture Captain Racer he will be found once again, but this time in command of a Longbow force ordered to arrest every Vanguard member, which includes you. He will attack you on sight and must be defeated.

Heroes and villains can find him:

Note: Though this entity is listed as an Elite Boss as an ally, he is more like a Lieutenant or a Boss. Additionally, when you fight him as an Elite Boss, he will actually be a Hero with the appropriate difficulty/team settings.


When Sefu Tendaji returned to his native Kenya after the Rikti war, he saw cities under siege by Arachnos-sponsored warlords while humanitarian aid was stolen by flying mercenaries. He swore a vow to set things right, and joined Longbow to fight against chaos and injustice.


During the Rescue captured Longbow soldiers mission from Levantera:

During the Clear Rikti from Dam mission from Serpent Drummer he will be trying to save the Overbrook dam from the Rikti, and will need to be rescued from them:

During the mission Investigate Renegade Safe House from Gaussian he can be found trying to discover the whereabouts of a missing diplomat, unaware of the danger the renegade Vanguard soldiers he's talking to really are:

At the mission Capture Captain Racer from Gaussian he will be found again, but this time as an enemy:


Lt. Sefu Tendaji has the typical attacks of a Longbow Ballista of his level:


PowerBlast EnergyTorrent.png Energy Torrent (Ranged) Cone, Energy/Smash, Foe Knockback
Unleashes a cone of energy that knocks foes back.

PowerBlast Explosion.png Explosive Blast (Ranged) Targeted Area of Effect, Smash/Energy, Foe Knockback
Hurls a blast of charged energy that violently explodes on impact, damaging all foes near the target.

ForceField ForceBolt.png Force Bolt Ranged, Moderate Damage, Smash, Foe Knockdown
Discharges a bolt of force that knocks down foes and deals Smashing damage. Damage: Minor. Recharge: Fast.

EnergyManipulation PowerThrust.png Power Punch Melee, Minor Damage (Energy/Smash), Foe Knockback
A focused attack that violently shoves the target and sends him flying. Deals minimal damage, but can be very effective. Damage: Minor, Recharge: Moderate.

PowerPunch BoneSmasher.png Bone Smasher Melee, (Non Specified Damage), High Damage, Foe Disorient
The Bone Smasher is a slow attack, but makes up for it with a greater damage. Has a greater chance to Disorient than Energy Punch.

ForceField DeflectionShield.png Protective Shield Ranged, Ally +Defense (Smash, Lethal, Fire, Cold, Energy, Negative), +Resisitance (Toxic, End Drain)
You have been encased in a Protective Shield.

ForceField DispersionBubble.png Dispersion Bubble +Res(Hold, Immobilize, Disorient), +DEF
The Dispersion Bubble is increasing your Defenses and providing protection from Hold, Immobilize, and Disorienting effects.

ForceField RepulsionField.png Repulsion Field Toggle: PBAoE Knockback
This Toggle power creates a field that violently repels nearby foes. Each villain that is repelled costs you additional endurance.


  • The name Sefu means "sword" in Swahili [1], and the name Tendaji means "makes things happen" in Swahili. [2]