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Misadventure belongs to the Rogue Isles Villains.

Heroes may face her:

Villains may find her:


Misadventure is just a girl with a lot of bad luck. She has accepted this as her fate and uses it to further her criminal career.


During the mission Agree to form a task force in the Dr. Kahn Task Force, as part of a hired team of villains attacking the City Hall:

Before combat: "Hurry up! I want to get out of here before things turn bad."
Combat start: "Well isn't this just my bad luck!"
At 75% Life: "Hey, this is just a contract job, Character. Can't I convince you to let me walk away?"
At 50% Life: needs data
At 25% Life: "I'm not going to let you capture me!"
Defeated: "I should have known this was going to go bad."
After defeating a player: +++ Missing Information +++

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