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The Center

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The Center at Viridian's Meeting


The Center, Paolo Tirelli, is the mysterious leader of the Council. Little is known about him other than he is in charge of the Council.

Villains can find him on the 'Invite' the Center mission from Viridian along with his team of Archvillains, and again in the Secure the Conference mission. (Levels 45-50)

Heroes can play as The Center in his Personal Story, following completion of the Story Arc "Gamble" given by Provost Marchand.


Paolo Tirelli was a low-level Italian dignitary who went on to become the Council's revered Center. Colleen Nelson describes him as "an unremarkable man with a weak chin" during the Prevent the Council from destroying the exhibit mission.

Later, The Center "Showed up and ruined Requiem's fun when he took control of the Council."