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Lady Jane

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Lady Jane


Lady Jane is a NPC Ally you can find during the mission Meet with Lady Jane from Montague Castanella. As an ally, although classed as a Hero, she has half the amount of health an Elite Boss-class unit would have, though does damage at the level somewhere between a Pet and Boss.

She is the current leader of the Dawn Patrol, having assumed the mantle after Hero 1 led Omega Team to the Rikti Homeworld.


Lady Jane is the new leader of the Dawn Patrol, ever since Hero 1 stepped through the Rikti portal in an attempt to save Earth from the alien invasion. She's recently been spotted in Paragon City and rumors say she's investigating the whereabouts of surviving Omega team members.


During the Meet with Lady Jane mission, she will say the following:

When Rescued:

Thanks for the help. Ever since Hero 1 disappeared, my team's been working on a way to defeat the Rikti. Solving that puzzle has led me here to collect an old relic.

On Reaching The Mission Objective:

This is what I'm looking for. Now I just need to... Ah, there we go. Now what do we have here... Interesting. I'll have to take this back to Dawn Patrol. Character, thanks for your help. I want you to have something. It should help you and the Midnighters.


Lady Jane uses dual pistols in combat, using apparently the same pistol skills of a Thugs Mastermind along with Brawl, and Auto version powers of toggles from Fighting and Super Jump powerpools. She appears to have Pistol Shot twice, in order to add more to her attack chain.


Thugs TargetedRangedMinorDmg.png Pistol Shot Ranged, Minor Damage (Lethal)
Quickly fires a round from one of your heavy automatic pistols. Damage is average, but the fire rate is very fast.

Thugs TargetedRangedMinorDmg.png Pistol Shot Ranged, Minor Damage (Lethal)
Quickly fires a round from one of your heavy automatic pistols. Damage is average, but the fire rate is very fast.

Thugs TargetedRangedHeavyDmg.png Dual Wield Ranged, Moderate Damage (Lethal), Knockback
Fires both pistols at once at a time target. Firing both pistols at once is slower than a single shot, but deals more damage, and the target may get knocked down by the force of the impact.

Thugs ConeRangedModerateDmg.png Empty Clips Ranged (Cone), Moderate Damage (Lethal), Knockback
You empty the clips of both your pistols in a arc of suppression fire. This attack can blast multiple foes in the affected cone area, and has a small chance of knocking some foes down.

Inherent Brawl.png Brawl Minor Smash Damage
When all else fails, you have only your two fists to depend on.

Fighting Tough.png Tough Auto: Self +Resistance (Smash/Lethal)
While active, you are tough and slightly resistant to Smashing and Lethal damage.

Fighting Weave.png Weave Auto: Self +Defense (All), Resistance (Immobilize)
While active, you bob and weave, increasing your Defense to all attacks, as well as your resistance to Immobilize.

Jump CombatJump.png Combat Jumping Auto: Self +Jump, +Defense (All), Resistance (Immobilize)
While active, Combat Jumping increases your Defense to all attacks, and adds resistance to Immobilization. Moderately increases your jump height and distance while providing good air control.

Jump Acrobatics.png Acrobatics Auto: Self +Resistance (Knockback, Hold)
While this power is active, you are very nimble and Acrobatic. You can avoid most Knockback effects and are resistant to Hold effects.


  • It is essential to protect Lady Jane during the mission and it will fail if she perishes before reaching her objective. Because the mission is necessary to complete the arc and gain access to the Midnighter Club it will allow you to try again.
  • Lady Jane is a pet during this mission but frequently races ahead and attacks anything in her line of sight much like Fusionette does during the Jim Temblor arc in Faultline. Best strategy for keeping her alive is to have a Defender or Controller with the ability to heal, stay with her constantly, and keep her alive. Though the devs have stated this to have been fixed, it is still questionable, as Lady Jane's AI still remains somewhat unaltered.
  • On her first appearance, Lady Jane had Pet-class health. Somewhere along the line, her health was raised to Boss-class health. After Issue 17, her health was bumped up once more to Elite Boss-class, presumably in an attempt to raise her survivability. As of Issue 19, her health is now half that of Elite Boss-class, but still more than Boss-class health.