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Mynx is a hero trainer in Skyway City in the Aerie Plaza section located 170 yards east of the north Paragon City Monorail station at coordinates (132.0, -30.4, -5078.0). Her location is marked on the map as a contact.

Heroes find her:

Villains can find her:



Katherine Stevens was a young college student who was transformed against her will by cruel Crey experimentation. After escaping Crey, she was discovered on the streets by Synapse of the Freedom Phalanx, who helped her regain control and recover her memory. Now she uses her superhuman reflexes and implanted battle claws to hunt crime in the urban jungle of Paragon City.


Mynx as drawn by David Nakayama

Katherine Stevens was a young girl in the wrong place at the wrong time. While attending Paragon City University, she volunteered for a Crey research project. When the Crey research scientists realized that she had no family and few friends, they decided to try some of their more dangerous procedures on her. A volatile serum transformed Katherine and gave her some feline features and characteristics. Crey considered the result a failure because Katherine could not be controlled. She managed to break free of her captors, scarring the face of one of Crey's top scientists horribly with her claws.

Adopting the Mynx identity, Katherine lived on the streets of Paragon City for a time. She got involved in petty crimes to keep herself alive. Synapse discovered her there and helped her develop control of her heightened reflexes and her animalistic nature. She is still undisciplined and prone to overconfidence, but is fiercely loyal to Synapse and grateful for the second chance he has given her.

Character Stats

Secret Identity: Katherine Stevens
Origin: Science
Archetype: Scrapper
Primary Powers: Claws
Secondary Powers: originally Regeneration, now Super Reflexes (see below)
Other Powers: Super Leap
Signature Powers: Feral Flurry


  • Hey Character, what's shaking?

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  • Mynx was trained by Synapse, who first found her in Steel Canyon.
  • Her Praetorian Earth counterpart is Bobcat.
  • She is mentioned in the description of the Nimble Mynx exploration badge.
  • She was originally referred to as "Minx" (with an I instead of a Y). The designers still often refer to her with that spelling, though the in-game spelling of her name is clearly "Mynx."[1]
  • Her real name is sometimes found as Katherine Steffan, but more sources show it as Katherine Stevens.
  • Her secondary power set was originally given as Super Reflexes, but was corrected by the designers as Regeneration, although this was not reflected in-game.[2] Eventually, an explanation for Mynx permanently having Super Reflexes was given by Developer Manticore. [3]
  • Mynx was played by Cricket during the 2nd Anniversary Silver Age Party. [4]