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Twilight's Son

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Twilight's Son
Twilight's Son.jpg
The Last Kheldian
Zone Ouroboros
Coordinates (658, 678, -709)
Level Range 25-34
Introduced By The Pilgrim
Introduces None
Enemy Groups Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns
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Twilight's Son is a hero contact in Ouroboros at coordinates (658, 678, -709). He is a task force contact.



Mender of the Ouroboros

Twilight's Son is the last of his race. The Kheldians have been wiped out and used as a source of energy to power the ships of a deadly alien force in the far distant future. Twilight's Son looks upon our time like it is a thing of make believe. Though distant and somewhat removed from humanity, he is filled with an overwhelming hope that anything is possible. He looks out upon this world and can see no other outcome but success.

Wrong Alignment

Your assistance is welcome, but unneeded. Thank you. Perhaps you should speak with Mender Tesseract. I believe she has something more, how do you say, 'up your street.'


  • None -- This character does not sell inspirations or enhancements.

Task Force

See Twilight's Son Task Force