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Storm Korps

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The Storm Korps was an Axis military unit from World War II that was composed of superpowered beings.


During World War II Axis command formed an elite super-powered cadre of soldiers that became known as the Storm Korps. The Storm Korps, led by the man known as Eisensturm, attacked the United Kingdom and managed to do far more damage than any other Axis force due to their metahuman nature. The super soldiers even once managed to bypass Buckingham Palace's defenses and kidnap the King of England but were ultimately thwarted by the Dawn Patrol. During the 1944 invasion of Normandy the Storm Korps helped defend the German positions, fighting both the 1st Hero Brigade and the Dawn Patrol. Finally in 1945 the Storm Korps encountered the First Hero Brigade in the black forest and only five of their members survived to be judged. The five surviving members were judged guilty of war crimes.