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Thomas "Sunburst" Danner is the deceased hero officially blamed for the destructive blast that demolished Siren's Call.


FBSA Official Report

In November 2004, Sunburst chased a small-time crook out to the docks in Siren's Call. The crook stole a small boat and Sunburst pursued. Sunburst often had trouble controlling his power and, according to witnesses on the Gazdul oil rig, literally went supernova and exploded while trying to stop the thief’s boat. The half-megaton nuclear blast completely disintegrated both Sunburst and the criminal, destroyed the War Walls in the northeastern corner of the zone, left behind a massive partial crater, and contaminated the entire district with radiation levels measuring between 5000 and 6000 rads.

Unofficial Investigation

Robert Danner, brother of Sunburst, refutes the FBSA's official position. He claims that the FBSA report is a cover-up and Sunburst was lured into a trap.

According to Paragon Times Senior Correspondent Jackson Turner, there may be evidence to support Robert Danner's claim. Unfortunately, Turner mysteriously disappeared during his investigation into the matter before he was able to report his findings.

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