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Roger Vrabel

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Roger Vrabel is a former high-ranking CIA operative who was one of the leading proponents of the Might for Right Act. When that act was overturned in 1967, Vrabel helped found the paramiltary black-ops organization known as the Malta Group. Roger Vrabel is currently deceased, and does not appear in-game.


Roger Vrabel was an OSS agent during World War II, and worked with meta-humans such as Jim 'Thunderhead' Bartlett to help the Allied war effort. After the war, he came obsessed with the idea of Communist Russia gaining an advantage in super-powered meta-humans [1].

In 1956, Vrabel helped push for the adoption of the Might for Right Act, which allowed the American government to draft American meta-humans for service to their country.

While the Might for Right Act was in effect from 1956 to 1967, Vrabel was responsible for drafting hundreds of American meta-humans for work with the CIA in a covert operation called Project: Titan. Project: Titan was essentially a covert war against the Soviet Union. In 1967, three African-American meta-humans successfully challenged the Act in court and the Supreme Court overturned the Act.

Vrabel was angered by the court's decision, and immediately contacted Neil McIntosh, head of Britain's MI6. Lead by Vrabel and McIntosh, 17 senior members of several Western intelligence communities met on the island of Malta in May 1967 and founded a black-ops intelligence and paramilitary organization called the Malta Group, funded the group with money embezzeled from their own govenments' intelligence organizations.[2] The purpose of the Malta Group was to continue to fight the secret war against the KGB, using methods more brutal than would be allowed by governments. Within a few years, the KGB had lost hundreds of spies, spy cells, and facilities to Malta. [3]

Vrabel died in the early 1980's, followed six months later by Neil McIntosh. The circumstances around their deaths are not known. [4]

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