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Ill Wind

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Ill Wind was a member of the Omega Team.

Time Capsule

On 27th November 2009, the Omega Team time capsule was opened. Inside was Ill Wind's final letter.

Balloon.png Letter to No One.

I don't know why I'm writin' this; it ain't like anyone's gonna read it. I'm not leavin' anyone behind; least not anyone that would want to remember me. You know that old sayin' "Some people are born to greatness; others have it thrust upon them"? Well, some of us don' got no greatness at all. That's me. I don't even really know what I'm doin' here.

I ain't the most powerful of heroes; hell, you can't even really say I'm much of a hero at all. Time was I ran with the Hellions, happy to drop some 'Dine and do some crimes. Then some cape came bouncin' in to mess with us one day. I forget just who that cape was but he was knockin' us around good and I got thrown into the magical dingus that we was tryin' to steal. It let out with a burst of swirling wind, a bunch of crates fell on me, and things went dark. When I woke up, everyone was gone but that charm thing was still there so I grabbed it..

That changed things for me. I dunno know what that charm was, but it controlled light and the wind. I could use it to ride the winds, blast fools off their feet, and pass unseen. It had some major invisibility mojo in it. Suddenly, hanging out with the Hellions didn't make a lot of sense; their whole Satanist thing just seemed like a bunch of bull****. I left 'em behind and tried to change my ways.

I ain't sayin' that I became a good guy, but I ain't sure I stayed a bad guy, you know? I mostly spent my time messin' with the Hellions and Skulls, bouncin' in on their drug deals, destroyin' the drugs and keepin' the money. A dude's gotta eat, you feel me? Oh, I helped out the occasional straight who wandered into the wrong part of Atlas Park, but it wasn't like anyone really knew that fancy new name - Ill Wind -- I had picked out for myself. I was just another faceless powered dude, doin' his thing.

Then Rik came to visit and everythin' changed. Man, how could I stand by and keep doin' my stuff when we was being invaded? So I did what most everyone else did; I stepped up and fought against them dudes, just another face in the crowd helpin' out. Things were goin' from bad to worse and unless something changed, we was gonna lose this war. That's when Hero 1 dropped by.

At first I was impressed and, hell, honored. It was a thrill that this Hero 1 dude knew me, knew my name. He described what the Omega Team was gonna do, and then told me they needed my help, that they couldn't do it without me. I got all puffed up with pride until I realized that they just needed me to use the charm to make 'em all invisible. And that's what I'd be doin', man. Concentratin' to shield the mob of heroes as they went off to try to save the world.

No one made any bones about it; this was gonna be a one way trip. If we was lucky, we'd do what we needed to. If we wasn't, we'd fail. And in either case, we'd never know if we won or not. But it's somethin' that needed to be done, so I said yeah, I was down with this Omega Team stuff.

I dunno know why I'm writin' this thing; I'm not leavin' anyone behind. I'm just a dude who fell into some powers and didn't do anything much with them. I always thought I'd have my shot, have my time to make my mark. That soup can dude says everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame. I just didn't think that mine would come after I was dead, man.

Screw it; I'm goin' off and I hope we succeed so you suckers can read this, the only fame I'm gonna get. Remember me, remember Ill Wind, 'cause that's all I got left.

--Calvin "Ill Wind" Jefferson