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Red Threat

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The Red Threat (real name: Boris __) was a Soviet villain that was set on destroying the world in the 1960s. He was attempting to do so by using his self-detonation superpower in a series of caverns surrounding the Earth's molten core, where he was stopped by the Midnight Squad. Tammy Arcanus stopped him by possessing his body. Unfortunately she was too late. The Red Threat's body was still going to explode, the chemical reaction had started and didn't need the brain to finish. Tommy Arcanus was prepared to sacrifice himself, but his daughter was the faster spellcaster. She contained the explosion with a spell, which destroyed her body. Her consciousness did survive, but it was trapped within the Red Threat.

Later, during the Rikti Invasion, the Red Threat was destroyed and Tammy’s astral form was at last free. Tammy renamed herself Numina and threw herself into the war against the Rikti.

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