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Bodyguard of Ghost Widow
Real Name Paolo Marino
Gender Male
Archetype Brute
Affiliation Arachnos
Age Unknown
Romantic Associations Belladonna Vetrano (possible, see Background section for more info)
Known Family Pia Marino (sister)
Primary Powers Super Strength
Secondary Powers Invulnerability
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Wretch is an Arch-Villain who serves as Ghost Widow's bodyguard in the Arachnos faction.

Heroes may find him:

Villains may find him:


Years ago, in 1989, Paolo Marino was a member of the Wolf Spiders who volunteered to act as the leader of the back-up squad for an infiltration mission in Mercy Island run by a Night Widow, a routine assassination. This Night Widow, called Belladonna Vetrano, was a good friend of him, to the point he considered her a sister (1)

But the operation went wrong, there was an explosion, gunfire, and soon the building was in flames. The Night Widow was caught off-guard and mortally wounded. She called Paolo's support team, who rushed to her help, just to run right into a squad of heavily-armed thugs. Still, Paolo rushed into the flames to rescue the Night Widow, not knowing that she was already dead floors above. (1)

He didn't die, and was instead unfortunate enough to be trapped beneath tons of rubble, eating rats and drinking mutagenic water to survive the horrible burns he had suffered. Terrible burns, mutations from dangerously contaminated water and possible exposure to chemical and supernatural agents all combined to change a man into a monster (2). The Night Widow, now a ghost, soothed his deranged mind, urging him to live.(1)

It was one year later when the Arbiter investigating these events found out that the place was haunted, and thus, a group of Mu Mystics was dispatched to exorcize the ghost. They summoned forth the tormented spirit of the slain Night Widow and began the exorcism, but they soon learned that her power was such that they feared it could not be done.(1)
It was then when the ghost cried: 'Paolo! Paolo! They are hurting me!'
And the mystics were soon beset by Paolo, now a misshapen monstrosity in the tattered remnants of an Arachnos uniform. Terror overcame them, and their wards slipped. The ghost was now free and the mystics had no time to rebuild the wards before the wretched mutate was upon them. It slew half a dozen of the mystics, sloughing off the magics as it snapped their bodies in half. And the ghost of the Night Widow exhorted it on the whole time. (1)

When the survivors told their tale, Lord Recluse himself took interest. When next they returned, they were ordered to communicate with this spirit, and then to free it from that place.

Thus did Belladonna, now called Ghost Widow, and Paolo, now known as the Wretch, join the ranks of Arachnos.

Amazingly, Arachnos' doctors note that some or all of the mutations may be reversible using the advanced sciences available to Arachnos. However, whenever the doctors try to make Wretch understand that his mutations could be fixed, he becomes violent until Ghost Widow could calm him down. (2)
This is due to the fact that Belladonna died worrying about Paolo, and the dead cannot change: she'll always care for him, and in what's left of his mind, Paolo for her. And though Ghost Widow claims to have tried to make him go, he will not leave her side until he thinks she's safe. They are bound together, protecting each other in their strange half-lives. (3)


1 - Find the surveillance tapes in the old building from Seer Marino.
2 - Steal Wretch's medical records - without witnesses from Seer Marino
3 - Warn Ghost Widow of the plot against her from Seer Marino


A twisted wreck of a human being, Wretch was horribly mutated in the same incident that slew Ghost Widow. He remains her loyal guardian and protector, using his immense strength and savage fury to protect her from all harm.


During the mission Save Paolo from Mu'Rakir and his men:

Before combat:

Arachnos soldier: "The drugs are wearing off! He's mutated a resistance!"
Wretch: "You BAD 'rachnos. You try hurt Widow!"
Mu Guardian: "This thing must pay for our dead brothers."

Combat start:

Arachnos soldier: "Don't let Character free the Wretch!"
Wretch: "Crush BAD 'rachnos!"
Mu Guardian: "A million lesser lives could not pay for a single drop of Mu blood!"

Upon rescue: "Wretch Help! Wretch Fight!"

If recaptured by enemies: "BAD 'rachnos!"

If lost: "Character? Where go? Where go?"

If refound: "Us SMASH bad 'rachnos!"

Upon reaching exit: "Wretch thank."

During the mission Capture Dr. Aeon:

Before combat: Widow says guard Aeon, I guard Aeon for Widow.
Combat start: Widow says you bad for 'Rachnos! Bad for 'Rachnos means bad for Ghost Widow!
At 75% Life: All heroes die!
At 50% Life: Wretch ANGRY!
At 25% Life: Wretch hurt.
Defeated: Wretch...
After defeating a player: You die, Widow is happy.

During the mission Destroy the Tears of the Spirit:

Before combat: needs data
Combat start: "You pay for this!"

During the mission Rescue Wretch from the Malta Group:

Before combat:

Malta minion 1: "How many sapper hits did it take on this guy?"
The Wretch: "Wretch confused. And tired. So tired from zap-guns."
Malta minion 2: "He ain't exactly subdued yet."

Combat start:

Malta minion 1: "This is capture team. We have a hostile MHI in progress."
The Wretch: "Wretch know Character. Character work for Storm-Man. Storm-Man like Widow. Wretch help Character!"
Malta minion 2: "Let's see what you got!"

Upon rescue: "Character help Wretch. I help back."

If lost: "Character!!! Character!!!"

If refound: "Wretch thank!"

Upon exit: "Wretch thank, Wretch thank! Wretch tell Widow all 'bout help!"

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