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Sister Solaris

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Sister Solaris
Sister Solaris.jpg
Sybil Matriarch
Zone Cimerora
Coordinates (-1017, 76, 4532)
Level Range 50
Introduced By Praetor Duncan
Introduces Dream Doctor
Enemy Groups Badge villain banished.png Banished Pantheon
Badge cimerorans defeated.png Cimeroran Traitors
V badge Talons.png Talons of Vengeance
Badges Mission DA PersonalArc Complete.png Cimeroran Hero
Mission DA Arc Complete.png The Timeless Adventurer
Mission DA Zone Achievement.png Knows No Fear
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Sister Solaris is a hero and villain contact in Cimerora at coordinates (-1017, 76, 4532). Her level range is 50. She is standing on a ledge just northwest of Imperius.

Heroes and Villains can find her:


Contact Introduced By

Contact Introduces

Dream Doctor will be waiting for you back in the present time to deal with Dark Astoria.

You decide to head back to the present and work with Dream Doctor to fight Mot.


Sybil Matriarch

Sister Solaris is the matriarch of the Seers. She has the strongest connection to the Oracle and therefore the greatest ability to glean the futures of mankind.

Prior to Introduction

Missing Prior to Introduction Dialogue

Initial Contact

Character... it is very coincidental that you're here now, speaking with me. It can only be a sign that those from a distant time have been sent to save us from certain destruction.

My dreams have been troubled as of late, both by the rumblings of Romulus Augustus and also from a different terror, a being that is the essence of death. Romulus, you see, has gone missing from his place of imprisonment.

The former with Romulus cannot be handled just yet, but the latter, I believe, can be handled.

Will you, a person of honor, of bravery, choose to help Cimerora against this new threat?

You have to wonder, if Cimerora was a lost civilization, are you nearing the event that caused it to be destroyed?


There is still much to do before Cimerora is safe.

Too Busy

You've too much to handle, Character. The people of Cimerora need your full, undivided attention.

Too Low Level

Missing Too Low Level Dialogue

No More Missions

Marcus Valerius will be setting sail soon, Character. Thank you, for all of your help.


Story Arc

What Was Built Upon the Past


Cimeroran Medallion

Sister Solaris gave you this Cimeroran Medallion as a physical reminder of your actions in Cimerora. Indeed, when you look at it, you remember the time you fought against the forces of Mot and the Talons of Vengeance in Cimerora in an experience called...

What Was Built Upon the Past

You travelled back to Cimerora and discovered the true identity of the letter writer: the fabled Dream Doctor. The two of you worked together to recover the idol that Mot was sealed in. Dream Doctor believed that if you were exposed to some of Mot now that you could return to the present and be immune to its power for a time. However, there was one another issue.

The idol needed to be brought to Astoria in the time of Cimerora. The Talons of Vengeance had appeared and were intent on destroying the civilization while recovering Mot for themselves. If this happened, then the fight in the future would be lost.

You recovered the idol and then fought against the remnants of Romulus Augustus and the Talons of Vengeance. In the end, you were succesful in repelling the threat and set the scene for Marcus Valerius, the guard captain in Cimerora, to set sail in a boat built by Daedalus and Marathon towards the Abyss.

Since Mot was in Dark Astoria, you can only assume that the journey of Marcus Valerius was succesful, at the cost of his life.

Part One: Immunity


A strange spirit came to me in a dream, Character. It spoke of a tremendous battle recently fought on an island in the sea, a battle against what they called the 'creature of pure death'.

The spirit implored that a champion from Cimerora sail to the island to try to finish the battle that they started. However, Cimerora is still reeling from the war against Romulus Augustus. He is still out there in the wilds, filled with the strange power of the evil spirits.

We were going to send the captain of the guard, Marcus Valerius with a squad of our strongest soldiers, however the spirit warned that only those of god-like stature should try to visit this 'island of death'.

  • Then it looks like I'm setting sail to the island.

I appreciate it, Character. There shall be a boat waiting to set sail to this island.

Marcus and his men shall man the boat while you investigate the inside. I do not know what you will find there, but I would be careful. Daedalus says that if this spirit is correct, there could be monsters within that cave the likes that we've never seen before.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Be careful, Character, it would be a shame if something horrible happened to someone of your stature.

Mission Objective(s)


The boat docks on the island of death after navigating through a narrow passageway.

  • Investigate the Island of Death
    • Investigate the cavern
    • Speak with Dream Doctor
    • Recover the idol of Mot amidst the rubble

You've recovered the idol of Mot!


Badge villain banished.png Banished Pantheon

Notable NPCs


Dream Doctor: Character.
Dream Doctor: I believed we would meet under much different circumstances... but I suppose we don't get to choose where destiny leads us.
Dream Doctor: This current threat we face could spell the end of humanity, before the supposed 'Coming Storm' even arrives.
Dream Doctor: So, without further pause, allow me to introduce myself, properly...
Dream Doctor: I am the Dream Doctor, the letter writer. You and I, Character, have a lot of work to do.

The letter writer has revealed himself!


Character, I've been hoping this day would come for quite some time. I am sorry you and I had to speak for so long in such an odd manner, but it had to be done.

I have had my eye on Dark Astoria for some time; I originally set up the protective runes throughout the area as a beacon for those in my team, Ajax and Protean, though I fear those runes grow weaker as we speak.

I am sure you have questions, I shall do my best to answer them. We are lucky, as we have all the time in the world; when you return to the present, barely any time will have gone by. It is the beauty of time travel.

  • What is the Coming Storm?

I do not know fully what the Coming Storm is. I do know that it involves the force known as Batallion, but beyond that, I do not know.

Mender Silos and his cohorts are fully aware of what it is, yet refuse to divulge much information about it. I do know, however, that Batallion is a force like no other, one that has the potential to wipe out all of existence. Of course, we will not let that happen. Humanity will grow stronger and fight against the group, this I am sure of.

  • Why did you have to communicate through letters?

At the onset of my suspicions of Ouroboros, I had to keep my work secret. The group was powerful, and I was but one man.

When I first vanished, I had gone into dreamspace, believing the Circle of Thorns were the source of our problems, that they had somehow found a way to tamper with time. It was during my travels that I discovered the menace of Ouroboros.

I found out that I could use dreamspace to travel through time... one of the thirteen methods of time travel. I saw that you would become a very powerful figure one day, and so I wrote my letters to warn you of Ouroboros and Silos, knowing they would try to use your abilities for their own gain.

I had to bide my time as I understood the nature of what we're up against, but time travel has taken its toll on me. My travel to Cimerora shall be my last foray into tampering with time. There are too many dangers associated with it, including losing your mind.

  • Why are you fearful of Ouroboros?

I was fearful of them, Character. Mender Silos gathered a group of maniacs to do his bidding. Twilight's Son sold out his race to Battalion and Mender Lazarus is a madman of a scientist, leagues beyond the likes of Dr. Aeon. Mender Tesseract is a cruel creature who would enslave everyone if she still retained her power, and Silos... well, as you must be aware, he is a version of Nemesis from the future.

I do not know why he chose these people, however, if Silos could travel through time and choose anyone, why choose those who were morally questionable? Perhaps I cannot speak, as I have Protean in my employ, but he pales in comparison to the horrors that the Menders have wrought.

  • Who else is part of your team?

Right now it is currently Ajax and Protean, though I have solicited some others for help, notably Dean MacArthur and those two agents.

Ajax is incredibly useful as a man who cannot be killed. Protean is an excellent man to send in for spy work, though he must be kept on a short leash. He is a cold-blooded killer, though he continues to help me, as I know how he can recover his true identity.

Protean is currently going back and forth through the Banished Pantheon and the Tsoo, relaying information that the groups have.

  • Let's just get to the point of what has to be done.

As you're aware, the Oranbegans fought against Mot here and sealed him in an idol.

The Cimerorans may have been able to handle the situation themselves, but due to the temporal invasion of the 5th Column and other groups, they have been left in a state of chaos.

Did you read that it somehow ended up in Astoria, Rhode Island, all the way from Cimerora? That would be due to the actions that you have done, or will do here. The idol that Mot is contained in must be taken across the ocean and sealed in Astoria if we are to have a chance to destroy it in the present.

As well, I've deduced that if you were to be exposed to Mot's idol in its current state, you would develop a sort of immunity from Mot's influence. This would buy you and me time to fight Mot. The creature is growing out of control, however; if we do not stop it, even the immunity you gained will not be strong enough to stop it from devouring you.

  • Why can't we destroy it in Cimerora?
Mot's nature prevents it from ever being destroyed. The Oranbegans tried again and again until none of them were left. The creature simply regenerates, feeding upon its own death.
There is a way to destroy it, and that way is contained within Dark Astoria.
  • And why is Astoria special?
Astoria, as luck or fate would have it, is the only place where Mot can be destroyed. If the idol ends up anywhere else, the world will be destroyed.
I've spent months pondering over this, Character, believe me. I've come up with many alternatives... throwing the idol into space, sending it into a different dimension. However, all of them lead to doom except for this one gambit in Astoria, the perfect place for Mot.
  • How is Astoria perfect for this?
There was a man long ago... well, if we're speaking now, it would be far in the future, named David Hazen. He and his friends discovered Mot and the bindings that were in the land known as Astoria.
They sought to destroy Mot once and for all, to do what the ancient Oranbegans could not. In the end, Hazen and his friends failed. All of them were either killed by Mot or driven insane. However, their final act was to inscribe tremendous runes into the very earth of Astoria, runes that were extremely complicated.
I believe these are runes of empowerment, meant to amplify a certain spell. I do not believe Hazen knew what spell this would be, but he hoped that those that came after him would use it to stop Mot.
The Tsoo, for all their infamy, came up with a plan to use these runes. They are attempting to summon Tielekku into this world and use her power to destroy Mot. There is an issue with this, however.
  • Wait, who is Tielekku?
Ancient myths say that she is the goddess of magic, possibly the first being to even use magic. She used her powers to banish the gods that the Banished Pantheon worshipped into the spirit world. Unfortunately, Mot was not part of this. From what I gathered, Mot was not powerful enough to be noticed during that time. It slowly grew in power as centuries passed until it fell to the Oranbegans to handle Mot. I believe Mot has become part of the Pantheon many years ago, as it is the last powerful god that remains outside of the spirit world.
If Tielekku were to be summoned into this existence, she could banish Mot, just like the others gods of the Pantheon... I believe. Her power may have weakened over the years... but that is something I do not fully know.
  • Alright, but what is the issue?
One, is that I believe the Tsoo intend to use a sword called the 'God-Killer' that Tub Ci has forged to take Tielekku's power. Their aim is to ascend Tub Ci to godhood so that he can destroy Mot himself. Whether or not this sword can kill Tielekku is debatable, but it can, at the very least, take some of her power.
The second is that even with Tielekku summoned, there would need to be someone powerful enough to help protect her against the power of Mot while she banishes the beast. This would require that someone to be immune to Mot's power.
When you take hold of the idol, Character, you will fulfill the portion of this plan that requires you to be immune to Mot. It will not be easy, however, as Mot will try to pull you down into its darkness when you take hold of the idol. If you can resist it for some time, you will be immune to Mot's ability to absorb you, but only for a time.
You will have to focus all of your willpower when you are holding onto the idol of Mot, leaving only yourself to go toe to toe in a battle of wills against Mot.
  • Understood. Let's go get the idol of Mot.
Excellent, I will follow your lead.
Once the idol is retrieved, you must bring it to Sister Solaris. The Cimerorans will be able to set up a voyage to send it to Astoria, this I am sure of.
I shall stay in Cimerora to investigate rumors of other monsters appearing. When our business is done here, we shall meet again in Dark Astoria to finish things with Mot once and for all.
  • Very well.
  • Why bring it to Astoria? There must be a better way.

Icon clue generic.png
The Idol of Mot
You grasp the idol of Mot, which is covered with tiny grotesque mouths. The power of Mot pulses out from it, trying to escape. As you hold it, you can hear unintelligble mumblings in your mind, the words of Mot trying to destroy you.

Images flash in your mind, that of your past. The memories of any person you cared about appear and become twisted, Mot showing the absolute worse view of them. You can feel emotions of hatred and despair trying to assault you, changing your view of past events in your life; moments that were happy turn to hatred, victorious times twist into despair.

You see images of yourself being killed in several gruesome ways, all of it trying to drive home the fact that you can be killed, despite what you think, and that your life has no meaning to it. You see yourself falling into the maws of Mot, followed by an image of the planet earth being devoured.

However, you're able to resist Mot's attempt to twist you. You've seen enough horrors in your time to be able to resist the will of Mot. The images fade, but Mot still tries to whisper to you.


Character, you return, and with the source of evil kiLL that I have seen in my dreams.

Truly, you must be strong yoU willed to resist such a power.

We must decide nO what to do with such an item, for if it is left alone, all of Cimerora will be destroyed by such rampant evil.

I would ask that you stay and help us with this task. There are rumors of monsters appearing in the peninsula. If that is true, we HoPE will need all the help we can get.

Part Two: Harbingers


We will hold a gathering on top of the haTE Sybil temple, Character, to decide what hoPElESS to do about this idol.

Imperious, Daedalus, myself, and, unfortunately, Sister Airlia, shall be desTRUCTiON in attendence. Imperious seems to believe she will be able to help us in every situation, but I have my doubts.

Would you mind holding onto the idol for a little longer?

  • I can handle it.

Excellent. There will be, once more, a boat waiting to take you to the temple. I nO will be waiting with others oNE for your arrival.

I would come loVES prepared though, Character, we do not YoU know what could happen in these troubling times.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Let us hope we can come to a resolution.

Mission Objective(s)


You arrive YoUR deaTH at the Sybil iS inevITabLE temple. You can overhear the discussions already happening up above.

  • Attend the Meeting
    • Meet with the Cimerorans
    • Fend off the Talons of Vengeance
    • Speak to Sister Solaris to get to Cimerora
    • Save Marcus Valerius
    • 5 monsters of Romulus Augustus to defeat
    • 6 Cimerorans to save

You saved Cimerora and gave the idol to Marcus Valerius!


V badge Talons.png Talons of Vengeance

Notable NPCs

Contact Small Sister Solaris.jpg
Sister Solaris


Character, I will take the DiE DIe dIE idol, for the moment. We will have to enact our plan, and fast.

We will have reMeMBER yOU a fleet set sail with Marcus Valerius at the helm to sent the idol into the Abyss at the end wiLL reTURn of the world.

Marcus Valerius is one of the deSTrOY you champions of Cimerora and has the willpower to resist whatever is inside of this idol.

You must rescue Marcus, then help save Cimerora from NeVER eND the Talons of Vengeance!

You hand the idol over to Sister Solaris. Mot's whisperings cease.

  • Take me to Cimerora.

Part Three: At All Costs


Character, we have more problems. Daedalus helped guide Marcus Valerius and the small fleet of ships out to sea. I've been tracking the progress but have had a terrible vision.

The Talons of Vengeance commanded some sort of monstrosity that dwells beneath the sea to destroy Marcus and the ships. As we speak, they are attacking whatever is left of them!

We cannot allow the Talons to get their hands on that idol, Character. Please, you must set sail and save Marcus from whatever monster is attacking those ships!

  • I'll handle it.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You must hurry, Character, the monster will devour them!

Mission Objective(s)


The boat comes to a halt as you sail into a storm. You can hear a monstrous roar in the distance.

  • Save Marcus Valerius
    • Save Marcus Valerius and the idol of Mot

You saved Marcus Valerius, but what did the Talons mean when they said they were supporting Romulus Augustus?


  • Kraken Tentacle

V badge Talons.png Talons of Vengeance

Finale: The Rise and Fall of Romulus Augustus


Marcus is tending to his wounds now, though he insists on holding the idol to protect anyone else from it.

Marathon is doing his best to create a vessel suitable for the open seas, but we have more problems, Character.

We have reports from our scouts that the Talons of Vengeance have been building up an army with the mortal enemy of Cimerora, Romulus Augustus. They gather in Vespillo Pass now, waiting to destroy all of Cimerora. Romulus has finally gone mad, perhaps from the dark energies that now control him.

Cimerora is weakened now, Character. We have no army to send against these monsters. We only have one option, which is for those of us that remain to fight against the army. Myself, Imperious, Daedalus, Sister Airlia, and another strange man from the future, are ready to go on your word.

  • Let's go.
  • No, you all stay behind, guard the town. I will handle the army alone.
What? Character, are you certain? Just yourself against an army?
The mission will be incredibly difficult to run alone by most characters. If you choose to do so, good luck!
  • I am sure, I will go it alone.
  • On second thought, come with me. We will fight them together.

Unnecessary Solicitation

This could very well be the final battle for Cimerora, Character.

Icon clue generic.png
One against an army
You told Sister Solaris to stay in Cimerora, claiming that you would be able to take on the army of Romulus Augustus and the Talons of Vengeance by yourself.

Mission Objective(s)


You can hear the sounds of the Talons gathering up ahead. If they destroy Cimerora, the idol of Mot will fall into their hands, dooming the future.
Then again, the future is still safe, so all you have to do is figure out how you already destroyed an entire army.

  • 4 groups of monsters to defeat
    • 3 Talons Elders to defeat
    • 9 groups of Talons to defeat
    • Defeat Romulus Augustus and his cohorts, once and for all

You stopped Romulus Augustus and the Talons of Vengeance from destroying Cimerora!


V badge Talons.png Talons of Vengeance
Badge cimerorans defeated.png Cimeroran Traitors

Notable NPCs


Completing the mission awards the The Timeless Adventurer badge.

File:Mission DA Arc Complete.png The Timeless Adventurer

You travelled back to Cimerora and saved their civilization from certain destruction by the Talons of Vengeance, though you wonder if you only prolonged the inevitable, given that Cimerora is a lost civilization.

Completing the mission without accepting any help awards the Knows No Fear badge.

Knows No Fear

You chose to fight against Romulus and his army of Talons by yourself, showing that you know no fear.


Character, I cannot express how thankful I am for all of your help. We have captured Romulus Augustus once and for all, though it appears he is impossible to kill. However, Sister Airlia claims that she has a ritual that may be able to destroy him once and for all.

Marathon and Daedalus are finishing construction on the vessel that will sail to the Abyss. Once they are finished, Marcus Valerius will take a crew of the finest soldiers and set sail. He continues to hold onto that idol, however, insisting that he protect it from anyone else. We will be safe with the idol, for now. The Talons of Vengeance do not have the forces necessary to attack Cimerora anymore.

We will never forget what you have done here today. You have saved our civilization from certain destruction, and for that, you have our eternal gratitude. Take this Cimeroran medallion. Think of it as a reminder to yourself of all the help you've given us against the monsters that tried to destroy our civilization.

You'll need to return to Dark Astoria and work together with the Dream Doctor to finish the fight with Mot, once and for all.

Personal Story


Marcus Valerius's Personal Story

Marcus Valerius, captain of the Cimeroran guard, travelled in a boat across the world and reached the land of North America. The majority of his crew died on the way over from a combination of the journey and the insanity caused by the idol of Mot.

Marcus, the last of the Cimerorans left alive, descended into a series of caverns with the idol. He felt called to the cavern, and discovered he in fact was; the spirits of the Oranbegans were beckoning him and said that he would have to sacrifice his life to keep the idol sealed. Marcus agreed and helped the Oranbegans seal Mot within what would be the city of Dark Astoria.

In his dying moments, however, Mot corrupted Marcus and convinced him to become part of the creature, thus creating the Sentinel of Mot, a being who knew only hatred for those in Cimerora and for the time traveller who helped events lead to him being in the cavern in the strange land.

For My People


Some time after Character fought against the Talons of Vengeance, Marathon and Daedalus finished the boat that would bring Marcus Valerius and his crew to the Abyss. Sister Solaris gave Marcus the same Cimeroran medallion that she gave Character. It was meant to be a reminder to Marcus about why he was sailing off to certain doom.

Sister Solaris followed the path of Marcus Valerious and his group with her powers, but eventually she lost track of him and his crew. She could only hope that his quest was accomplished and that the god of death was vanquished once and for all...

This is a non-combat, personal story mission. In this mission, you will assume the role of your contact. This is a solo mission.

  • (Play Marcus Valerius's Personal Story)

In the meantime, Marcus Valerius was still alive. Through several miracles and the craftsmanship of Daedalus and Marathon, he and his crew had made it to the new world. With the idol in hand, Marcus and the small remnants of his crew wandered aimlessly in the land, eventually coming upon a small cavern.

Eventually, Marcus was the only one left of the crew, burdened with the task of somehow destroying a being that threatened all of existence...

Unnecessary Solicitation

The fate of the entire world sits in the hands of Marcus Valerius...

Mission Objective(s)


Worn out both emotionally and physically, Marcus Valerius stumbles forward through the caves, hoping to soon find an end to his quest.

  • Marcus Valerius's Personal Story (Solo Mission)
    • Get the Idol of Mot as far away as possible

Marcus Valerius tried to give his life to protect Cimerora, but in the end could not resist the pure corruption of Mot.


Marcus Valerius: S-silence... beast... you would give me... no rest... even as I lay starving... on death's door...?

Marcus Valerius: They... they do not know... the pain that I have endured... the pain we all endured...

Marcus Valerius: I don't... it hurts... why... why did I do this... my memories... can only feel hatred... for all of them... for Character...

Marcus Valerius: I... can't... I can't resist... I will... I will join... I will join with you...


Completing this mission awards the Cimeroran Hero badge.

File:Mission DA PersonalArc Complete.png Cimeroran Hero

You played through Marcus Valerius's personal story, witnessing the event where Marcus Valerius brought Mot to the land of Astoria and joined together with Mot, becoming his Sentinel.