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Alejandro J. Cantu

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Alejandro J. Cantu was a member of the Omega Team.

Time Capsule

On 27th November 2009, the Omega Team time capsule was opened. Inside was Alejandro J. Cantu's final letter.

Balloon.png Ana! Mijita!
How the years must have passed by! Without a doubt you must have the looks and fire of your dazzling mother!

How it pains me to write this final message to my dear, dear Ana! It filled me with such pride as you learned to walk and speak with such vitality. Never have I seen such confidence on the face of any child, a Cantu without a doubt! Years pass, and you are now a beautiful young woman, full of potential. You must be embarrassed by your papa and his overwhelming pride!
It saddens me deeply that I might never see my adorable chiquita become a woman. College, marriage, career, your own family, and the happiness that you will experience, I regretfully cannot share with you. And I apologize deeply for this coming absence.
To ensure you have the same things that have made me so happy mijita, I must do what I can. And I can only ask for your forgiveness, for I can no longer guide you along the path that so many other daughters are privileged with. Believe me when I say you are not alone, my dear, and I will always watch over you.
I have one last gift to give you, mijita. It has brought me nothing but the best of luck. I hope you will use it when you need it the most. Close your eyes and say:
Nuestros corrazones arden,
Con el fuego en el cielo.
Bailamos en las flammas,
y nos incendiemos,

con el espiritu del fuego.
Cuidate mijita,
The Amazing Alejandro J. Cantu

Translation notes:

"Mijita" means "my little girl".

The poem translates as:
Our hearts burn,
With the fire in the sky.
We dance in the flames
and ignite ourselves
with the spirit of the fire.