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This article is about the archvillain. For the Hydra minion or Gladiator Badge, see Hydra Protean Badge.
This article is about the archvillain. For the developer, see Protean (Developer).
Protean as he appears in game
Real Name Anton Jaeger
Gender Male
Archetype Unknown
Affiliation 5th Column
Age Unknown
Romantic Associations Unknown
Known Family Unknown
Primary Powers Energy Melee
Secondary Powers Energy Aura
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Protean as drawn by David Nakayama


Anton Jaeger, also known as Protean, is an archvillain. He is a shape shifter with the ability to mimic voices as well.

Heroes face him:

Villains face him:


Protean is Manticore's nemesis. He killed Manticore's father (the original Manticore) as well as his mother. Protean also killed the hero Dauntless, Galaxy Girl's sidekick in an attempt to kill everyone that Galaxy Girl had helped.

The Freedom Phalanx Book

We learn that Protean can only transform himself to look like people that he has had physical contact with. He has forgotten his own identity and sense of who he is. He is also unable to shape shift into his real form.

Protean as seen from the Comic Posters Veteran Rewards Base Items

Top Cow City of Heroes Comic #7-9

More recently, Protean put Justin Sinclair (Manticore) in the hospital in an attempt to lure out the Back Alley Brawler. When Back Alley Brawler came looking for the villain responsible, Protean shot him the back nearly killing him. Back Alley Brawler was saved by the arrival of Sister Psyche, Numina and Manticore. Manticore apparently killed the shape shifter with an disruptor arrow designed to break down his DNA structure.

Dark Mirror

Protean appears to be behind the rash of doppelgangers that crop up with the new story arcs from Special Agent Jenni Adair and Leonard. There is a connection between Protean and Praetoria, but what it is is unknown. In the hero side story arc, he is recruited by the Letter Writer to fight against the Coming Storm.


Protean is a notorious shapeshifter, known for his murders of high profile heroes and their families. His earliest victims were the parents of Manticore. He also is responsible for the death of Dauntless, Galaxy Girl's sidekick. It was rumored that Manticore killed Protean in a fight some time ago but somehow Protean survived. He is now out to continue his reign of terror upon the people of Paragon and the Isles, while aiding the forces of Praetoria!

note: this is from the villain side arc. If his description is different in the hero side arc, please add it


In Lore

Shapeshifting, etc.

In Game

powersets, that darned power siphon

Related Badges

File:Badge I11VillainStoryArc2Complete.png Explosive Finale

Protean thought he could put an end to you by blowing you up - you proved him wrong.

File:Badge I11HeroStoryArc2Complete.png Singular Vision

You've prevented Protean from carrying out his plot for a Praetorian invasion, but not without a heavy cost - the death of your alternate self.


  • Protean was featured in Top Cow's City of Heroes Comic #7-9 written by Dan Jurgens
  • Protean was featured in the book, The Freedom Phalanx by Robin Laws