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Arbiter Sands

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Arbiter Sands as he's rescued


Arbiter Sands is one of the Arbiters of Arachnos. He seems to have learned something about the past events in Faultline, enough to convince Lord Recluse to put him in command of an Arachnos force to explore the zone. He knows that Faultline is hiding something far more powerful than ruined supergroup bases.
Arbiter Sands was the only Arbiter players could fight directly in the game until several were added to alignment missions.

Heroes may find Arbiter Sands:

  • In the mission Stop Arbiter Sands and get the PCM from Agent G, as an Archvillain enemy.
  • In the mission Destroy the PsychoChronoMetron! from Agent G, as an Archvillain enemy.

Praetorians may find him in the following missions:


Arbiter Sands is considered a somewhat unconventional member of the Arachnos Arbiter Corps. Though still completely dedicated to the will of Lord Recluse, Sands is known for using unusual and effective tactics. His status as an Arbiter makes him untouchable within Arachnos, for to harm an Arbiter is to attack the will of Lord Recluse himself...


During the first mission of the Statesman Task Force:

This time he has his own cutscene:

Sands' arrival

Arbiter Sands:

I go to Grandville for some decent coffee and this is what happens?

Well, adopt, adapt, and improve, I suppose. At least it will give me a chance to re-organize things after we clean up.

Though no doubt I'll have to annihilate the persons responsible first. How bothersome.

See Also

Arbiter Sands's two little pets


Prior to Issue 10 Arbiter Sands was an Elite Boss in the mission Keep Fusionette from getting killed from Jim Temblor, before being changed to Pet-class. As of 26th November 2007, Arbiter Sands is once again an Elite Boss in the same mission.