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This article is about the hero and vindicator Malaise. For the Praetorian villain, see Malaise (Praetorian).



Malaise used to be a hero trainer in Independence Port. His role was taken over by Aurora Borealis after Calvin Scott's interference.

Heroes find him:

Villains face him in the following missions:



Jean-Pierre Lourdin was not always a hero. He began his career as a villain in Europe, using the twisted images in his mind to commit robberies. With INTERPOL hot on his trail he landed in Paragon City, where his broken thoughts were detected by Sister Psyche. She confronted him and after an intense battle was able to subdue him.

She spent months healing the damage to his mind and has taught him more productive uses of his abilities. Sister Psyche vouched for him with the authorities and he has been allowed to help with the current crisis in Paragon City. Many are keeping a watchful eye on Malaise, however, for signs of his madness returning.

Character Stats

Secret Identity: Jean-Pierre Lourdin
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Controller
Primary Powers: Illusion Control
Secondary Powers: Kinetics
Other Powers: Dark Blast
Signature Powers:

See Also

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Canon Fodder: Official CoH Lore Q&A

Taken from Manticore (NCsoft Developer)

Primal Earth Malaise is a great example of our upcoming Going Rogue game feature. He walks the line between hero and villain and has been both at one time or another. Jean-Pierre Lourdin started out as a villain. His powerful psychic abilities twisted his sense of reality and caused him to perform selfish and evil acts. Sister Psyche was able to heal some of the damage to his mind and monitored him through a mind link during the time he was her sidekick. When Sister P was returned to the body of Shalice Tilman, her link with Jean-Pierre was broken. In the aftermath, Malaise returned to his villainous ways but after Ms. Liberty found him and defeated him in battle she offered him another chance to reform. The Vindicators are all about second chances and although many of Paragon’s heroes are keeping a close eye on him, Malaise has toed the line so far.

Much more will be revealed about the Praetorian Malaise in the Going Rogue expansion but for now I will say that Mother Mayhem encouraged his twisted tendencies instead of discouraging them. This resulted in a much darker path for Mother’s little helper.


  • Malaise's Praetorian Earth counterpart is also named Malaise. He is one of only two heroes in the game to be their own Praetorian counterparts, the other being fellow Vindicator Infernal.
  • He was Sister Psyche's sidekick and a Hero Trainer before Calvin Scott ruptured his mind link with Sister Psyche.
  • After the events of the Calvin Scott Task Force, Ms. Liberty found Malaise and offered him a spot on the Vindicators. Malaise has done questionable things, but the Vindicators believe he can be one of the good guys. [1] Many are keeping their eye on him however in the event that he does revert back into a rogue.