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This article is about the Warshade boss Romulus. For the Cimeroran Arch-Villain, see Romulus Augustus.


Romulus is the arch-nemesis of the villain Psimon Omega. This Warshade can be found in:


Romulus is a Warshade working with Longbow in the Rogue Isles. He has a reputation for taking down a number of villains, and is the arch-nemesis of the psychic villain known as Psimon Omega.


Romulus will say the following when you encounter him:

  • During the Salvage Rikti Tech mission:

"Destroy the Rikti Tech!"

  • During the Defeat Romulus the Warshade mission:
Combat Start:

"You're going down, punk!"

At 50% Life:

"That's all you got?"



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