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This page lists all currently relevant news headlines. The list will be displayed on the Main Page. Only major news relevant for the whole community should be displayed here. News headlines are listed in reverse chronological order (latest news at the top).

News headlines

NCsoft City of Heroes Sunset FAQ

An official announcement, City of Heroes Sunset FAQ, gives more information about the closure of City of Heroes. Servers shut off on November 30, 2012, at 12:00 AM (US) PDT. The announcement expands on the information provided in the official Player Services Status Update. NCsoft are processing refunds for unused game time that may have been applied. Account creation, upgrading to VIP, and the purchase of Paragon Points have all been disabled.

Please check the announcement for all the details.

In-game Event Schedule

Details of the schedule for in-game official events have been posted in an official post.

  • Summer Blockbuster - October 5 - October 8
  • Double XP - October 18 - October 22
  • Halloween Event - October 26 - October 29
  • Winter Event - November 9 - November 12
  • Rikti Invasion - November 23 - November 30

Don't forget to support the player events as well! These are shown in the Calls to Action area of the main page of Paragon Wiki.

Player Services Status Update

Details regarding compensation and the refund process, addressing recurring billing and outstanding account balances, have been released in the official Player Services Status Update. All accounts that held VIP status on September 01 will be set to VIP for the duration, sans recurring billing. They currently have no way to elevate Free or Premium players to VIP status.

For customers using credit cards and PayPal, automatic refunds begin September 26, with refunds to the payment method used.

  • Refunds will be issued in full for outstanding subscription balances as of September 01.
  • Refunds will be issued in full for any Paragon Points purchased after August 24.

Customers who used Game Time Cards, and had outstanding balances as of September 01, will need to contact support using the mechanism outlined in the announcement.

A number of popular events will also be hosted within the game, to 'celebrate during the closing' with exact times and dates yet to be announced. The announcement also shares a sincere thanks from NCsoft to all the fans who have spent time with City of Heroes.

Paragon Studios: Dinner's on Us!

Current total: $1045 as of 19:02 GMT Sept 13


We've met our funding goal! In fact, before I could get the widget shut down, we overshot it by a little! I'll call the restaurant and make arrangements today as well as notify the staff of Paragon Studios to put on their eatin' hats. This is incredible. I honestly thought that it would take at least a couple of days, but this fundraiser lasted less than three hours. This is HUGE, folks, and I really appreciate your participation! Because we met our goal so quickly, if you didn't get a chance to donate, please know that this is going to be presented on behalf of the whole City of Heroes community. --TonyV 19:07, 13 September 2012 (UTC)

Hey all, we'd like to treat the staff of Paragon Studios to dinner, courtesy of the City of Heroes community. At one of the Player Summits, one of the devs told me of a restaurant near the studio where the staff goes sometimes for occasions. This rally is to raise enough money to cover the bill for them to meet there again. But this time, the City of Heroes community is covering the bill!

We want to express our gratitude for building the world in which our imaginations have lived. They've provided an unprecedented level of support and interactivity over the years. They've talked to us, listened to our feedback, even socialized with us, all the while providing a game that has an incredible level of innovation and fun.

We don't need a lot to meet our goal of buying dinner for the Paragon Studios staff, just 67 of our loyal subscribers donating their monthly VIP fee. However, this token of our gratitude is on behalf of the entire City of Heroes community, and no matter what the future brings, we wish you all our best.

We are heroes. This is what we do.

We are heroes. This is what we do. Remember those words. Please bookmark this forum and check back here frequently, as I'll also be posting stickies at the top that are "Calls to Action," things that we need you to do or expertise we need in order to progress in our efforts. I'll be posting news and information here, and more importantly, what you, the City of Heroes community, can do to help our efforts. --TonyV

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