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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Captain Mako Week Continues: Plot Thickens!

In Jumping the Shark, readers learn of Recluse' reaction to Mako's recent spree, and more about how those villains once close to him are reacting. We also learn about the mastermind behind Mako's errant behaviour. The in-game invasions and more conclude on August 20.

This Week at the Paragon Market

For a limited time, purchase the Imperial Defense Force Transformation Power Pack. Transform your character into a Ranger or Olympian Guard from the Imperial Defense Force. And given this is Captain Mako Week, it's no surprise the Mako's Bite Enhancement Set is available at 50% off. Want more fish? This week the Piranha Head, Fish Monster Gloves and Fish Monster Boots from the Halloween Costume Set are also available.

This week also sees 25% off the School Backpack; and 50% off the Time Manipulation power set, Alignment System, a bundle of both Chainmail and Leather Armor, Invention License and Auction House License. For more information see the official announcement and check the Paragon Market in-game.