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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Paragon Studios Review 2011; Titan Weapons Detailed; New on the Market

In an open letter the community, Paragon Studios review 2011. An increased player base is cited, the changes made this year summarized, and some hints of more to come. See the official announcement.

Phil Zeleski comprehensively describes the features and techniques of the soon to be released power set, Titan Weapons. Essential reading for anyone considering this set. This much anticipated power "...allows your character to swing around fairly large weapons like a railroad crossing, a fusion hammer or a massive sword. Not only does this set deal heavy damage, but it is also very area of effect centric. You can even build up momentum so that your next few Titan Weapon attacks swing more quickly." Full details in The Intrepid Informer: Issue #16.

The Paragon Market currently features the new Gunslinger Costume Bundle. In addition, the Dual Pistols Power Set is on sale for a time. Full details in the official announcement.

PC Gamer Reviews City of Heroes Freedom

PC Gamer has spent some time exploring the new features of City of Heroes Freedom, from the new tutorial, to the Death From Below Trial, to the revamped character creation. Also covered are the new tiered subscription levels and the Veteran Reward System. Read the article and get more details from the official announcement.

Salute to Statesman Loyalty Program Reminder

The 2012 Loyalty Program is starting soon! Maintain your VIP subscription from December 1, 2011, to March 31, 2012, and you will receive the items detailed in the official announcement on April 18, 2012.