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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Who Will Die Episode 6: The Last Piece

The sixth and penultimate episode of the Who Will Die? Signature Story Arc is now available. "Reeling from the loss of its leader, a member of the Freedom Phalanx does the unthinkable." Contacts are Specialist Greer in Peregrine Island, and Protector Z-958 in Grandville. Level 40+. Free for VIP players, 400 Paragon Points (pp) for other players.

Tune into Darkness Control

In The Intrepid Informer: Issue #18, developer Phil "Synapse" Zeleski outlines the upcoming Darkness Control power set, commenting on each power and providing a great set of tactics to get you started with this upcoming Issue 22 goody.

Featured at the Paragon Market

New and featured! Alignment Change Token. Change your level 20+ character's alignment from Hero/Vigilante to Villain, OR from Villain/Rogue to Hero instantly. Cannot be used on Praetorians. 800pp.

Sale items:

Sales generally run for seven days (until the following Tuesday), check the official announcement and the Paragon Market in game for exact duration.