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Friday, September 9, 2011

City of Heroes Freedom VIP Head Start

Players with account subscriptions active on September 13 will automatically become VIP players as City of Heroes Freedom goes live. This includes Issue 21: Convergence, the Paragon Rewards Program and all of the services and items available through the Paragon Market.

The VIP Head Start will include a plethora of activities as well as the following bonuses for VIP players:

  • A Respec Token per existing character (make sure you've used up your free Respec token if you already had one, they don't stack!)
  • A Tailor Token per unlocked costume slot
  • A Global Handle Rename Token per account
  • The "Door Buster" badge, celebrating the VIP Head Start!

For more details, visit the official site: Announcing the City of Heroes Freedom VIP Head Start! September 13, 2011. Then join in on the community discussion on the Official Forums!