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Saturday March 9, 2008

Paragon Wiki as a Developer Reference

In a recent Podcast, several developers were interviewed, including Lead Designer Matt "Positron" Miller. The following quote is from the transcript of the podcast:

(Interviewer) Stephen Reid: Do you look at the forums...and see what players are anticipating in terms of storylines and then, potentially, changing storylines to accommodate that?
(Lead Designer) Matt Miller: Sometimes we can't actually remember what we've told players and what's just written in 'The Bible.' So if we need to alter something or change something, we'll have to actually go to the players knowledge base like Paragon Wiki, where they've pulled everything out of the game, and see, "OK, we haven't told them that" or "we have told them that," "we should really do more with that," because there's just so much information out there it gets difficult at times to remember exactly what we've told the players and what we haven't..."

Be sure to check out the rest of the podcast, and a huge thanks goes out for the efforts of all of our editors and administrators, past, present, and future, for helping to make the Paragon Wiki the awesome resource that it is!