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NCsoft is a global leader in the game industry with unrivaled online game development abilities and publishing network. After its establishment in 1997, NCsoft first ventured overseas in 2000 and now has a global network in the major markets of Asia, Europe, and North America.

The CEO of NCsoft Corporation is Taek Jin Kim.


2008.04. Established NCsoft R&D Center
2006.05. Established NCsoft China
2006.02. Commercial Launching of City of Heroes in Europe
2005.10. Commercial launching of City of Villains in North America and Europe
2005.03. Commercial Launching of City of Heroes in Korea
2004.07. Established NCsoft Europe in Brighton, UK
2004.04. Commercial launching of City of Heroes in North America
2003.05. Transferred and listed at the Korean Stock Exchange
2002.03. Signed publishing contract with Cryptic Studios for City of Heroes
2001.05. Established NC Austin in Austin, Texas
2000.07. Became a registered member of the Kosdaq
2000.05. Established North American subsidiary, NC Interactive
1997.03. NCsoft Corp. founded

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