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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Issue 22 Live

Last Tuesday saw the launch of Issue 22, the aptly named Death Incarnate. Experience the all new Dark Astoria, the Dilemma Diabolique Incarnate trial, the Darkness Control power set (free for VIP players), an all new mid-level trial Drowning in Blood, new low level missions, more new power sets, a new costume set, and the release of the solo Incarnate path. All this and a whole lot more!

For more information, see the official announcement and check out the Issue 22 Patch Notes.

Beast Mastery in Detail

Developer Phil "Synapse" Zeleski, takes players through the soon-to-be-released Beast Mastery summoning power set for masterminds. Players will be able to call forth Wolves, Lions, Ravens, Hawks and even swarms of stinging insects. Find out how the power set functions in greater detail, learn tips and tricks, and explore new character themes. All this in The Intrepid Informer: Issue #19.

Featured at the Paragon Market

New and Featured!

  • The Flying Disc. A permanent miscellaneous power that lets you throw limitless discs. Your friends can catch it, pass it on, or return it. 250 Paragon Points (pp)
  • Darkness Control power set Controllers and Dominators. Control darkness and shadow to disable your foes with negative energy. Auto-enabled for VIP players, 800 pp for other players. Premium players must have purchased or unlocked the Controller archetype to create a Controller character.

50% Off Many Rare and Uncommon Enhancement Sets!

  • Ghost Widow's Embrace now 428 pp
  • Fifteen other rare Enhancement sets are on sale. Although aimed at Controllers and Dominators, many of these sets are usable by other archetypes. See the original announcement and the Paragon Market in game for duration of sale, details and pricing. Please note store-bought enhancements cannot be sold or traded to other players, but can be emailed to other characters on your own game account.

Darkness Control Dev Diary

The third dev diary for Issue 22: Death Incarnate, by powers guru Phil "Synapse" Zeleski, pulls back the shadowy veil on the Darkness Control Power Set. Read the original announcement and the diary exclusively at PC Gamer.