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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Retro Sci-Fi Costume Pieces

Strap on a bubble helmet and rocket pack with classic futuristic flair! The Retro Sci-Fi Costume Set is now available in the Paragon Market. A total of 35 costume pieces and weapons, available as a bundle or separately. 400 Paragon Points (pp) for the complete bundle.

Twitch.TV is Up and Running

Paragon Studios have launched a Twitch.TV channel, allowing viewers to watch live in-game points of view by the fearless video team. It will be used to showcase new game and player content, walk through Supergroup bases, and more! Each broadcast will also be archived on Youtube for later viewing. For more information please see the official announcement.

Intrepid Informer Issue #21

The current issue of Intrepid Informer, by Andy 'Zwillinger' Belford, provides an insight into how collaboration between the community and development team is fostered. Read all about it in Intrepid Informer Issue #21.

This Week at the Paragon Market

This weeks sees a 25% discount on the Beam Rifle power set, Rocket Board, Costume Slots, Freebird, the Vanguard MVAS pet, and various costume bundles. Also available is the new Retro Sci-Fi Costume Set, and the Think Tank Head. For more information please see the official announcement and check the Paragon Market in game.