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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Issue 21: Media Blitz! Now Live; New Incarnate Abilities; New on the Market: Titan Weapons

The Paragon Market now features the much anticipated melee power set Titan Weapons. Cost is 800 Paragon Points. Don't forget the Weapons Pack: Titan Weapons #1 booster pack consisting of four weapon skins for 0 points for a limited time! See the official announcement for details.

Today's patch, called Issue 21 Media Blitz, ''introduces the new TPN Campus and Minds of Mayhem Incarnate Trials and additional Incarnate abilities, and is available exclusively to VIP players. The TPN Campus Trial is for 12-24 characters, can unlock the Alpha Slot, and earns Incarnate Experience for the Alpha, Judgement and Lore slots. The Minds of Mayhem Trial is for 8-16 characters, can unlock the Alpha Slot, and earns experience for the Alpha, Interface and Destiny slots.

Ten new Incarnate abilities have also been added to the Alpha, Interface, Judgement and Destiny slots.

More information in the official announcement and the Issue 21: Media Blitz annoucement