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Saturday February 9, 2008

Double XP Weekend

Another Double XP Weekend is upon us! Earn double experience, double prestige, and double influence/infamy all this weekend starting Friday, February 8th and ending at midnight on Sunday, February 10th.

Record Server Population

Lighthouse announced on the official forums last night that the Freedom server, after an extensive upgrade that accommodates more players than ever, had more heroes and villains on it than any time within the last several years. In fact, it reached its new peak in maximum concurrency, and new logins had to be denied for a short while last night, introducing a new server status possibility: "Full".

As of this morning, all servers are up and well below maximum capacity, but with this entire weekend being a double experience weekend, one or more servers might yet still reach full capacity during peak hours. On the official forums discussion thread, however, it was noted by many that even when the servers were at maximum capacity, lag problems were practically non-existent.

Congratulations, NCsoft and heroes of the Freedom Server!