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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Spring Fling

The Valentine's Event for 2010 began today! It is available through March 2, 2010. Grab your loved one and jump in-game for cool V-Day related missions, and the potential to earn unlockable costume pieces, badges and temporary powers. Brave the Well of the Furies, find Aphrodite's Girdle, and take down that mischievous Red Cap, Snaptooth.

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Issue 17 / Going Rogue

Issue 17 has been announced, titled Dark Mirror, with a current release date of April, 2010! Even better, Ultra Mode, previously slated for Going Rogue, has been completed early! That's right, in an article on, Paragon Studios announced all kinds of goodies ready for release prior to Going Rogue!

Also, in that same article it was announced that pre-ordering Going Rogue will unlock Dual Pistols and Demon Summoning powersets before the official release! Additionally, the "Going Rogue Complete Edition" was announced, which is filled with exclusive goodies, like costume pieces, "stance" emotes, and "The Shadowy Presence" invisibility power. Beta will begin this Spring, with release currently slated for July.

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