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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Server Publish

Today's patch added ten new Incarnate power trees: four each in Alpha and Interface slots, and one each in Destiny and Judgment slots. In addition, the supergroup base editor now allows players to freely rotate and vertically place base items. A Collection System now allows players to keep track of account-bound features like Astral and Empyrean costume pieces and Signature Story Arcs in addition to their badges.

Many adjustments have been made to the Keyes Island Reactor Trial, and to Incarnate System rewards. Many other technical and game issues have also been addressed, including some that affect powers.

To review the complete details of this patch and how it affects players, check out the complete Patch Notes.

New on the Paragon Market

Episode 3 of the Signature Story Arc, "Who Will Die?", is now available for Heroes and Villains over level 30! The Hero contact is Agent Kwahu in Founders' Falls; while Villains see Fortunata Gossamer in St. Martial. The story arcs are free for VIP Players, or 400 Paragon Points at the Paragon Market for Free and Premium Players.

Various items at the Paragon Market are on sale at a 50% saving for a limited time. These include the Time Manipulation Power Set, and three rare Enhancement Sets for a range of levels (Pulverizing Fisticuffs, Touch of Death and Mako's Bite). Please see the official announcement for details, including expiry.