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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Incarnates Ascend update to I20 announced

An update to Issue 20 to be called Incarnates Ascend has been announced. Incarnates Ascend introduces a brand new Incarnate Trial, the Keyes Island Reactor, as well as 12 new suites of Lore pets!

  • Quality of Life Upgrades:
    • Several single-target buffs will now work via an AoE radius, making buffing large Leagues much easier.
    • Automatic cutscene skipping in Incarnate Trials.
    • Team-Up Teleporter expansions, now allowing the creating of private "closed" leagues, as well as "open" league that receive additional benifits.
    • Redeem your Incarnate Merits for new costumes, auras, emotes, and more! You may even purchase vouchers to trasfer incarnate components to other characters on your account!

More information on the official page! (Official announcement)