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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Server Publish: Bases Attack!

Last Tuesday's patch resolved most issues arising from the previous patch. NCsoft advised that for the time being, Base Defense Items in all bases (Paragon City and Isles) would become hostile and attack players. Base editors have been asked to delete or move such items for now.

Some players have been seen using this as an unexpected opportunity to create innovative RP within their bases. Please review the latest Patch Notes here and also Known Issues.

New on the Paragon Market

Wondering why the sudden canid invasion of Deutscher Schäferhund, man's best friend, otherwise known as the German Shepherd or Alsatian? Wonder no more! New at the Paragon Market is a new non-combat pet, the German Shepherd. "This playful companion follows you into danger, lounges lazily or scratches behind its ears."

Three transformation powers to change appearance to an NPC are available for a limited time (Rikti Mentalist, PPD Hard Suit, Carnival Harlequin). And a new aura, Autumn Path.

Full costs and details are be found in the official announcement.

Thanksgiving for VIP Players

NCsoft have announced a Costume Contest, to be held on November 30, on the Exalted server (VIP players only). See the official announcement for more information and times.