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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Going Rogue™ Release Date Announced

NCsoft and Paragon Studios announced today that players will have the opportunity to walk the line between good and evil (or cross it), on August 17, 2010 with the release of City of Heroes Going Rogue™. City of Heroes Going Rogue is the second paid expansion in the City of Heroes® franchise. For the first time in any super-powered MMORPG, the moral choices players make will affect their characters' game play experiences. Heroes can fall from grace to become Villains, while Villains can redeem themselves to become Heroes. In addition, players can now access the alternate universe of Praetoria where they can enjoy new missions, zones, costume sets, fight new villain groups, and play with new power sets including Demon Summoning, Dual Pistols, Electric Control, and Kinetic Melee.

"I was proud when we launched City of Heroes® back in 2004 and even prouder when we unveiled the City of Villains® expansion in 2005, but Going Rogue is by far the best work that this team has ever done. Paragon Studios has distinguished itself as a premier studio committed to excellence with every issue and we've raised the bar on this expansion. I'm so honored to be a part of this team and I believe that our players will be absolutely amazed when they see what we've done." - Melissa Bianco, Lead Designer of City of Heroes.

City of Heroes Going Rogue will be available as an expansion-only, or as part of the City of Heroes Going Rogue Complete Collection, which includes both City of Heroes® and City of Villains®. Both versions of City of Heroes Going Rogue will be available from the NCsoft store.

Read the official press release here.

Trade Barriers Being Lifted in Going Rogue

More features of Going Rogue are coming to light as beta testing progresses and the release date draws nearer. War Witch announced today that a few key improvements are being made "in order to make the alignment switching system the most fun and rewarding experience possible."

  • Heroes and Villains will be able to trade and gift each other in Co-Op zones (except in PvP zones).
  • Players will be able to Global Email inf and most items to their characters regardless of alignment.
  • The Auction House markets for Heroes and Villains will be merged.

The original announcement and discussion on the topic can be viewed on the Official Forums, here.