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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Beast Mastery is Live!

Beast Mastery, the much anticipated new primary power set for Masterminds, is now available at the Paragon Market. "Command wild animals to aid you in battle. These beastly allies lack ranged attacks, but make up for it with a specialized focus in melee combat. Call forth wolves, lions, dire wolves, hawks and insects to battle your foes." Please note Premium Players may need to unlock the Mastermind Archetype, which is on sale this week. 800 Paragon Points (pp).

Super Packs now a Paragon Reward

Super Pack: Heroes and Villains has been added as a Tier 9 Paragon Reward, making a total of six repeatable rewards available at this tier. Five certificates are provided each time the Super Pack reward is claimed.

Featured at the Paragon Market

Mastermind madness and more: on sale this week, all 25% off!

  • Mastermind Archetype. Unlock access to the five base Mastermind Power Sets: Mercenaries, Necromancy, Ninjas, Robotics and Thugs. Please note this is free for VIPs and can also be unlocked through Paragon Rewards. Just in time for Beast Mastery! Now 900pp.
  • Character Slot. Redeem more slots at the Character select screen, up to a maximum of 48 per server.
Five slots: 1200pp
Two slots: 600pp
One slot: 360pp
Five charges: 225pp
Three charges: 150pp
One charge: 60pp
  • Pet Damage Enhancement Sets. All seven enhancement sets are on sale at the market, including the rare sets, each at 25% off. Perfect for any Mastermind! Please note that store-bought enhancements cannot be sold or traded to other players but can be emailed to other characters on your own game account.

Prices shown are the sale prices. Sales generally last for seven days, please see the official announcement or the Paragon Market for more information.

Paragon Studios Game Night 2012

Warm up for the City of Heroes Freedom Player Summit by joining Paragon Studios on Friday, April 27, 2012, for a night of games and fun with the developers. Brought to you by Alienware. See the official announcement for more details.