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Friday January 6, 2006

E-Mail Snafu

First of all, I apologize for a mistake I made when I moved the site over to a different server. In the process, I forgot to set up the email forwarder which forwards e-mail to to the web mail client I use. The end result is that any e-mail that has been sent to me in the past couple of weeks was sent out to the Shadow Shard somewhere, never to be seen again. I apologize profusely if you sent me something and I did not respond. Please send it again, and I assure you that it will be read by me now.

Happy New Year!

That said, I hope that everyone is having a wonderful 2006 so far. The Winter Event 2005 was a raving success in Paragon City, and most heroes (and villains!) seem to still be thoroughly enjoying their rocket packs. Don't forget, they only last for thirty days from the time you got them, not from the end of the event!

Game of the Year

How did NCsoft start off the new year? How about by winning Game of the Year from! Congratulations and kudos to the developers, and it's a great way to start what I am certain will be another fantastic year of fighting crime—or causing it—in Paragon City and the Rogue Isles. I promise that Paragon Wiki will continue to follow all changes and updates and become even bigger and better with tons of new information during the year!