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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

City of Heroes: Eight Years Strong

Last Saturday marked the eighth anniversary of the launch of City of Heroes. In The Successful Journey Continues, Brian "Crosscheck" Clayton recounts those years and gives some astonishing statistics. In a separate anniversary address, Matt "Positron" Miller gives his perspective on the creation and launch of the game; and tantalising glimpses into what the future may bring.

Readers may also like to look back at the very first announcement of the game; promising "Comic-Book Style Adventure Filled with Superheroes and Fearsome Villains" (they delivered!). Or We're Open for Villain Butt-Kicking, posted the day after launch.

Meanwhile, in Fallen Thunder, readers gain an insight into the mind of one of the game's most elusive enemies. Someone who promises to be making a very real appearance in person within the game world - soon.

This Week at the Paragon Market

New! The Team Transport Power. Summon a vehicle to teleport the caster and nearby teammates to the active mission's entrance. Heroic alignments summon a Longbow Chaser and Villainous alignments summon an Arachnos Flyer. It can be used once every 30-minutes. 700 Paragon Points (pp).

On sale, 25% off: Mission Transporter. Teleport to the mission door, useable once each two hours, 450pp. Street Justice melee power set, 600pp. Valkyrie Costume Pieces. Twenty costume pieces for all character types, 300pp. Read the official announcement for more details.