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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Annual Spring Fling announced!

The annual Spring Fling event has been announced, with Paragon Studios promising "new missions, badges, and temporary powers." The yearly co-op tasks remain: retake tainted water from the Well of the Furies, work for the god Eros, and struggle with Snaptooth.

Two new missions, with new rewards, will also be seen. Heroes and Villains get involved with a secret mission involving the Red Widow, Lord Recluse's long-deceased love. These are for level 30 characters or higher, and award a new badge, Widow Maker.

And DJ Zero charges qualifying characters with delivering lost love letters throughout Paragon City and the Isles. Or characters can choose to misdirect them. Two new temp powers are awarded: Arrow of Romance and Arrow of Jealousy; as well as two new badges Match Maker and Missed Connection.

The event commences Wednesday, February 8 at 10AM US EST and ends Monday, February 27 at 10AM US EST.

See the official announcement for further information.