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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

City of Heroes Player Summit on Ustream

The annual City of Heroes Player Summit, to be held on 28 April 2012, will be streamed live on Ustream. The stream will commence around 10AM PDT. Enjoy the summit from the comfort of your own home or lair! Details, including links to the schedule and channel, can be found in the official post.

Staff Fighting: Developer's Guide

Read all about Staff Fighting from the developer's point of view. In Intrepid Informer Issue 20, Phil "Synapse" Zeleski details each power, outlines some techniques and guidance for staff wielders, and discusses some of the many possible character themes. Essential reading for anyone wanting to get the most from this power set.

City of Heroes 8th Anniversary Sale

To celebrate the eighth anniversary of City of Heroes, Paragon Studios has announced a special sale.

Sale Highlights

Hecatomb, the very rare Melee Damage Enhancement set. Usable only by level 50 characters, on discount at 1000 Paragon Points (pp). Fireworks emotes at 25% off. Double XP Boosters (1, 4, 8 Hours). That's right, 100% XP gain for up to eight hours. 50% XP Boosters (1, 4, 8 Hours). Standard XP Boosters are discounted as well.

Also available are the Who Will Die? complete collection (all seven episodes) for 1200pp. Discounts on Character Respec Tokens, Enhancement Boosters; the Create a Praetorian content expansion, and on storage increases for Recipe and Salvage Inventory.

Finally, for a limited time, the VIP Starter Kit, including one month of VIP game time, is available from the NCsoft store for $0.99.

Note: Many items are only available in the Paragon Market until 30 April 2012. There's too many items on sale to list in full - for pricing, a list of all the sale items, and other information, please see the official announcement; and also check the new and sale areas of the Paragon Market in-game.