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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Introducing The Release Of Issue 19: Alpha Strike!

Heroes and Villains rejoice, for Issue 19: Alpha Strike[1] is now live!

This latest free Issue for City of Heroes® continues the Going Rogue experience. Get ready for the Alpha Slot (the first part of the new Incarnate System available to Going Rogue players), two new Task Forces that advance the Praetorian storyline, alternate animations for character powers, and much more!

All the nitty gritty content details are available for your reading pleasure, so make sure to check out the Official Issue 19 Release Notes as well as the official Launch Video for added flavor!

Don't forget - with the release of Issue 19 you also get one free Respec Token granted to all characters! Even better, another free Respec Token will be granted in 8 days. These don't stack - you must use the one you have before you can be granted make sure to utilize this one in time to score the next!

So what are you waiting for? Jump in game, redeem those Respecs and dig into everything Issue 19: Alpha Strike has to offer. Have fun and happy gaming! (Official announcement)