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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Double XP Weekend: March 16-18

Next weekend, players will double their experience points, inf, and prestige for defeating enemies, completing missions, and collecting badges that give XP. The Double XP Weekend commences 7AM PST March 16 and ends 7AM PST March 19.

Featured at the Paragon Market

New and Featured! Leprechaun Pet. Summon a lucky Leprechaun to follow you around wherever you go, increasing Influence gain by 10%. Permanent non-combat pet. This is a one-time purchase, available until March 31, 2012. 800 Paragon Points (pp)

On sale this week:

  • Vanguard MVAS Pet. A Miniature Vanguard Assault Suit (non-combat) pet that will follow you around. 25% off now 263 pp.
  • German Shepherd Pet. Companion (non-combat) pet that follows you into danger, lounges lazily or scratches behind its ears. 25% off now 375 pp.
  • Windfall Temporary Power (x5). Five charges of the Windfall temporary power, each granting a 25% bonus to Inf and Reward drops for one hour. 25% off now 338 pp.

Sales generally last for one week, please check the original announcement or the Paragon Market in game for more information.

Create a Blockbuster Movie Poster and Win!

Bring the magic of the movies to City of Heroes Freedom by creating a super hero-themed movie poster and you could win a twelve month subscription to City of Heroes and have your poster featured as a billboard in the game! The contest runs from Wednesday, March 14, 2012, through Tuesday, April 10, 2012. Read the official announcement for complete details.

March Costume Contest: Big Top Paragon City

The circus is no place for Paragon City's superheroes and villains, but now you get to bring your own version to Paragon City. The costume contest dates are March 28 and 29, 2012, and will be judged by Matt "Positron" Miller and Melissa "War Witch" Bianco. Head over to the official announcement for official rules and details.