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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Featured at the Paragon Market

  • New! Use the New Year's Pack to add sizzle to your celebration with the fireworks aura, a confetti costume change emote, and three emotes that allow your characters to shoot fireworks! Available until January 31. Cost is 160 Paragon Points

Sale items:

Sale ends on Monday 02 January. For details see the official announcement.

Player Base Spotlight: Zero Strykers' Temporal Vault

Built inside a series of caverns shielded below miles of rock, the Temporal Vault is where the Zero Strykers launch their missions against Rularuu, Praetoria, and any groups that would seek to disrupt neighboring dimensions, or the timestream. The Zero Strykers graciously opened their base to the Paragon Community Team, and gave us an inside look at this high-tech, player-created base.

Read the official announcement to see all the pics of this amazing work of player creativity.