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Tuesday February 7, 2006

Paragon Wiki Forums Test

Test forums have been installed for the site to discuss anything you have on your mind, such as mistakes in articles, requests for articles, asking for help, and so on. Currently, the forums and the wiki use two different user databases, but before the forums are considered live, the databases will be integrated. We apologize for the inconvenience, but hey, that's what makes them test forums! If you'd like to participate in the test, register for an account and post away.

Also please note that as test forums, you should consider them purely beta, and though we'll be making periodic backups of the database for them (as part of my own administrative testing), you should keep copies of anything that you consider too important to be lost if the forum database eats itself on a whim. The default phpBB logos, colors, and icons have not been changed, but before the forums are considered live, there will definitely be some "aestheticization" of the site.

A New Domain Name

The domain name and its variants have been registered and redirected to this site. Since the Paragon City Free Press and the Paragon Wiki serve two conceptually different functions, serious consideration is being given to splitting them up. Before you panic, All current pointers will be retained, so all existing bookmarks, links, and such will still work fine. Mainly, the look of is better than, as it's much more readily apparent what it points to and it's much easier to remember. More information will be posted on this later.