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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

City of Heroes® Super Booster V: Mutant Giveaway!

City of Heroes® Super Booster V: Mutant goes on sale at the NCsoft store on June 24th. But you could have it for free, BEFORE ANYONE ELSE!

On Wednesday, June 23rd, NCsoft is giving away 10 free North American codes and 10 free European codes that you can use to unlock City of Heroes® Super Booster V: Mutant on your account, before it even goes on sale!

Keep your eyes on one of the following City of Heroes® communication channels:

NCsoft will randomly release two codes an hour (anytime within that hour) on those channels. Even they won't know which channel each code will go up on until they randomly pick it out of the hat, so be on the ball! Both codes for the hour could go out on the same channel or different ones...we'll all find out on the 23rd! Its first come, first served... so when you see a code simply be the first one to claim it by applying it to your account and it's yours! You will be the envy of everyone in-game as you run around adorned with all the Mutant-tastic goodies that no one else can get their hands until the next day!

For more information, view the official press release here.

Good luck! We hope you end up being among the first to own City of Heroes® Super Booster V: Mutant!